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New York, NY10276
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Service Organization
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freeDimensional advances social justice by hosting activists in art spaces and using cultural resources to strengthen their work. freeDimensional believes that art spaces are a vital part of civil society and are in a unique position to support activists and culture workers-in-distress while engaging their local communities around key issues. freeDimensional works with the global arts community and specific partners to protect critical voices by providing safe haven in artist residency apartments (Creative Safe Haven) and quick-response funding (Creative Resistance Fund). freeDimensional offers extensive internet links to resources for activists and culture workers in need of support including but not limited to: how-to videos on issues pertaining to art, art spaces, community engagement, and social justice; distress funding sources; human rights awards and services; health and psycho-social support; and legal aid. Through its Distress Services, freeDimensional provides opportunities for threatened culture workers to continue their creative practice; sends a message to repressive regimes and people who misuse their power that culture workers will not be silenced without the international community taking note and coming to his or her defense; activates latent activism in the creative sector, which redirects underutilized (and unrelated) resources to affect social change; and sensitizes the human rights sector to the important role of creativity in fighting injustice.