Houston Endowment, Inc.


600 Travis St. Suite 6400
United States
Organization Type: 
Public or Private Sector: 
Type of Funding Agency: 
Private Foundation
Type of Support: 
General Grantmaking
Arts Organizations
Community and Social Justice Organizations
Programs and Services: 
  • Build the capacity of arts organizations and strengthen greater Houston’s arts ecosystem
    • Provide innovative solutions to system challenges such as inclusion, relevance and financial sustainability;
    • Build the capacity of arts and culture organizations that contribute to sector vibrancy, resiliency and impact; and
    • Enhance public policy benefiting the greater Houston arts and culture sector.


  • Create opportunities for all to engage in diverse and meaningful arts and culture experiences
    • Cultivate audiences that reflect greater Houston;
    • Increase understanding of the cultural needs and interests of the broad public;
    • Expand broad-scale programming that results in greater access to high-quality, high-impact arts education for children; and
    • Infuse arts and culture into multi-sector community initiatives.


  • Seed and transform parks and greenspaces to increase park equity
    • Assess the availability and condition of local parks, estimate future risks and plan for improvement;
    • Acquire, enhance and ensure access to parks and greenspaces, emphasizing underserved areas; and
    • Strengthen the capacity of organizations carrying out strategic park development.