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Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenida…

From early childhood in my native France, I felt animated by close encounters with different cultures, landscapes, and many forms of art. Later, as a student and consultant, science became my reason to travel and explore the world further. Today, I continue to strive to always be learning, to remain both critical and enthusiastic, and to help bring this enthusiasm for cultural and environmental awareness to others.

While aiming to protect the environment and serve communities through my work in water and land management, I have learned to value the engagement of all stakeholders to create equilibrium between ecological and social systems. Yet, I have witnessed over and over the difficulties people have learning from each others’ experiences in order to change our paths to avoid further suffering and destruction. In hoping to bridge this gap, I committed to embrace and facilitate open hearted, humble dialogue with individuals and communities from diverse backgrounds.

I particularly value the global exchange of conversations with scientific, artistic, and spiritual significance. I have often returned from exploring other parts of the world with the desire to share with a wider audience the stories and talents of the people I have met and the beauty of the places I have discovered.

Pure Inspirations evolved from this desire to bring the realities of different people from different backgrounds across the world to the center of our attention, embracing chances to connect, intersect, and bear witness to each other’s lives. In launching this platform I wanted to empower individual creativity and encourage collective engagement by:

• Facilitating access to emerging global environmental and social movements.
• Promoting experimental actions that aim to both support local economies and contribute to environmental restoration and conservation.
• Honoring initiatives that embrace traditional knowledge from various ethnicities, social classes and generations.
• Supporting creative and innovative artisans and entrepreneurs while promoting more educated and intentional consumerism.

To the aspiring, established, and retired artists, scientists, world travelers, and curious souls from all walks of life, I hope you will respond to my invitation to send your creations, initiatives, stories, discoveries, and reflections that you wish to share.

I believe that a healthy and peaceful world lies within growing universal curiosity, on the basis that one shared heartfelt inspiration begets a million more.


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