In-Sight Photography Project


45 Flat St, Ste 1
Brattleboro, VT05301
United States
802 251 9960
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Arts Organization
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The In-Sight Photography Project and its Exposures Cross-Cultural Youth Arts Program empower youth, through photography, to find their own creative voices and to communicate their unique personal visions. Classes in photographic arts are provided regardless of ability to pay. Curriculum is guided by understanding and respect for individuals, communities, and cultures.


Youth engage with In-Sight through three types of programming: Core Curriculum, Partnerships, and the Exposures Program.


Core Curriculum classes in a broad range of photographic arts take place at facilities in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont during spring, summer and fall sessions, as well as in winter and summer intensives. Youth are aged 11-18. In-Sight provides all equipment and supplies to students, including cameras, film, printing supplies, darkroom supplies, and transportation for field trips. Classes are taught by skilled community volunteers, recruited and trained by In-Sight staff.


Partnerships with other organizations extends In-Sight's reach to youth who might not otherwise have the opportunity to take classes on site. School partnerships augment school curriculum. Partnerships with other youth arts organizations allow a wonderful blending of curriculum for students. In-Sight partners include social service organizations and the underserved youth demographic. Generally youth are ages 11-18, but there is greater flexibility within partnership programs. Classes are taught by skilled community volunteers, recruited and trained by In-Sight staff.


The Exposures Cross-Cultural Youth Arts Program has a signature mission of using photographic arts to facilitate cross-cultural exchange and understanding among geographically, economically and ethnically diverse youth aged 15-21. The heart of Exposures is an intensive summer workshop where youth and paid facilitators live and work together for 2-3 weeks at the host site.


All programs of In-Sight and Exposures are designed to provide photographic and other artistic tools for aesthetic and personal exploration, while building self-confidence, critical thinking, and strengthening individual and collaborative voices. Our curriculum raises appreciation for social justice, compassion, and self-awareness through a focus on diverse, local, and world communities. Curriculum progresses from beginning classes to advanced, and on to independent studies, student teaching, and solo exhibition.