The Theater of Public Policy


3037 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN55408
United States
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Arts Organization
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The Theater of Public Policy uses live improvisational theater to bring public policy issues and debates to life.

Each show features a leading thinker on a pertinent public policy issue. We’ll interview each guest to find out their approach and solutions. Next, the T2P2 cast will create improvised scenes based on the guest interview. The guest will take the stage again for a second interview as well as questions from the audience.

All of the ideas and challenges brought up in this conversation serve as the inspiration for the improvised scenes to follow. The improvisers tasks are not be to make light of the issues or mock the players involved. Instead, scenes make the previous conversation come to life with living, breathing characters in the situations described. The scenes also explore what the implications of the problem and/or proposed solution might be.

The show was originally conceived by Tane Danger and Brandon Boat in 2011 as a way to bring serious issues to people that would normally be disinterested. Many people today espouse that politics is too complicated or difficult to understand, so why bother? We show that if a team of improvisers are able to react creatively and authentically to an issue, why can’t you?

Featuring a team of improvisers from all walks of life, we showcase our talents through workshops and events to build understanding and help people grapple with complex ideas. Our professional backgrounds in government, education, entertainment, and both the corporate and nonprofit world give us unique insights into various issues.