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Helen Bader Foundation
Milwaukee, WI
The Helen Bader Foundation strives to be a philanthropic leader in improving the quality of life of the diverse communities in which it works. The Foundation makes grants, convenes partners, and shares knowledge to affect emerging issues in the areas of Alzheimer's and aging, workforce development, community partnerships for youth, Jewish education, community programs and initiatives, and program related investments.
Helen De Michiel
Berkeley, CA
Helen De Michiel is a director, writer, and producer whose work includes film, television and video installations. Thirty Leaves, her production organization, focuses on producing, writing, and directing films and other media for educational purposes and on creating public awareness of independent media as a necessary and vital cultural movement. Our goal is to engage the public with our work, trigger as much dialogue as we possibly can, and work towards social transformation.
Herb Alpert Foundation
Santa Monica, CA
The Herb Alpert Foundation's goals are: To create and/or support the mechanisms and means through which young people can discover, harness and fully develop their unique creative energies and their special talents; To prepare young people to live free from prejudice so they can be enriched through incorporating diverse people and perspectives into their worldview and life experience; and To nurture a capacity for empathy and compassion so that the relationships we develop through our lives are based on mutual respect, tolerance and kindness.
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Tempe, AZ
Comprised of a dynamic combination of disciplines, the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is at the forefront of the investigation of creativity and creative practice shaping the 21st century. Many of the institute’s programs consistently rank in the top ten of national peers and encompass more than 45 areas of study within its six schools: art; arts, media and engineering; dance; design; music; and theatre and film.
Herman's House
New York, NY
The injustice of solitary confinement and the transformative power of art are explored in Herman’s House, a feature documentary that follows the unlikely friendship between a New York artist and one of America’s most famous inmates as they collaborate on an acclaimed art project. In addition to following the usual festival and broadcast path, Herman's House is being used as a tool for public awareness raising by organizations which are actively working on issues of solitary confinement in the US. Herman's House is opening in New York on April 19, 2013.
High Point Area Arts Council, Inc.
High Point, NC
It is the mission of the High Point Area Arts Council, Inc. to work continually to enhance the lives of all citizens of the community by ensuring the availability of a broad range of cultural and artistic activities and encouraging full participation in them.
Hildegard Center for the Arts
Lincoln, NE
The mission of Hildegard Center for the Arts is to unite people of all religions, cultures and traditions to inspire humanity through the Arts. Currently “without walls”, Hildegard partners with organizations and communities to provide opportunities in the visual and performing arts as well as educational programs involving the Arts, humanity and the “Art of Living”. The vision for Hildegard Center for the Arts is to ultimately have walls and become the center for spiritual and fine arts for the great State of Nebraska!
Hip Hop Caucus
Washington, DC
The Hip Hop Caucus Education Fund's mission is to foster civic engagement among young people of color on issues of social and economic justice, human rights, the environment, and international peace, so they can attain increased opportunities for themselves and their communities. The organization develops campaigns that link cultural expression with social and political experience to address policies and conditions affecting people in America and worldwide.
Hip Hop Congress
San Jose, CA
The Hip Hop Congress uses the culture of Hip Hop to inspire young people to get involved in social action, civic service, and cultural creativity. Hip Hop Congress is the product of a merger of artists and students, music and community. It is significant because it provides one of few paths for highly creative and often disenfranchised youth where they can channel their energy into a strong and organized force aimed at improving their community.
Hip Hop Mental Health Project
Ridgewood, NY
Artist Rha Goddess’s Hip Hop Mental Health Project (HHMHP) seeks to shift the cultural paradigm of shame and alienation surrounding mental illness and satisfy the need for a safe place to confront mental health issues and obtain vital information.
Hip Hop Theater Festival
Brooklyn, NY
The Hip-Hop Theater Festival (HHTF) showcases the stories, people, music, dance, and word of Hip-Hop live and on stage. Using the elements of Hip-Hop culture (including MCing, DJing, Hip-Hop dance, graffiti and Spoken Word), Hip-Hop Theater tells urgent stories seldom represented on stage, and through language that embraces Hip-Hop's multi-literate and poly-lingual variety.
Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN)
New York, NY
Founded in 2001, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) is dedicated to harnessing the cultural relevance of Hip-Hop music to serve as a catalyst for education, advocacy, and other societal concerns fundamental to the well-being of at-risk youth throughout the United States.
Holler to the Hood
Whitesburg, KY
In April 2002, Holler to the Hood began a collaboration among traditional Appalachian musicians and hip-hop musicians. The purpose is to bring two traditions together for a unique exchange and artistic exploration of two distinctly rooted traditions. The musicians initially engaged in the project were Dirk Powell, Rich Kirby, and DanjaMowf.
home land security
Portland, ME
home land security was a community arts performance project in response to September 11th created and directed by Marty Pottenger and commissioned by the Center for Cultural Exchange in Portland, ME. The goal of home land security was to collaboratively create an artistic response to a continuing crisis and to address with intelligence, nuance, and humanity concerns that are shared in the national arena. These are not new questions, but our responses will determine the direction of the United States for generations to come.
Homeboy Industries
Los Angeles, CA
Homeboy Industries is a jobs program that offers alternatives to gang violence in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Among a number of the organization's programs is Homeboy Press. Homeboy Press and its literary magazine, The Homeboy Review, serve as a voice for the poets and writers of Homeboy Industries.
Chicago, IL
HoopsHIGH is an after-school program in which students develop skills in sports broadcasting. Throughout the school year and summer, participants travel to a variety of high schools to produce full broadcast coverage of sporting events, including basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and track and field. Participants do it all — operate cameras, announce the play-by-play, conduct sideline interviews, direct shots, and set-up and strike the equipment — for each shoot.
Hopewell Music Cooperative North
MissionOur Mission is to empower community and enrich lives through accessible high quality music education.​Vision
Hopi Foundation
Kykotsmovi, AZ
The Hopi Foundation exemplifies the Hopi teaching of "Itam naapyani" or doing the work ourselves. Established by local Hopis, we promote self sufficiency, proactive community participation in our own destiny, self reliance and local self determination. Our programs include creating future leaders, providing art therapy workshops for victims of trauma, torture and traumatic dislocation, as well as developing innovative sustainable strategies to address diet-related health issues, preserve Hopi farming traditions, and restore the local food system.
Horizons Foundation
San Francisco, CA
Horizons Foundation, a philanthropic social justice organization, serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community throughout the Bay Area and beyond by supporting nonprofit organizations and increasing the financial resources available to the LGBT community.
Hotel Voices
San Francisco, CA
Hotel Voices is a story of housing and inequity. The Revolutionary Theatre project co-written, co-directed and acted by writers, artists and poets currently living, surviving and sometimes thriving in Single Room Occupancy Hotels aka poor people housing in the Bay Area. Our cast of revolutionary poverty scholars are available to perform this powerful 55-minute production at your school, organization, hotel or shelter. Contact POOR at (415) 863-6306 or email to book the production.