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LaLaugh Productions Laura Sottile
Petaluma, CA
As an actress. singer, composer, choreographer, director, and published author I have had fun with recreating the human condition. Satirically speaking Comedy has been my biggest joy and release when it comes to some of the pain that this beautiful existence can foster. My work is focused now on the human race being the only one of all relations that's lost the inner knowing of it's purpose. OUCH!  It hurts. Egoistic Growth does not create social justice! Only the Ego benefits and the Ego never gets enough.The lost trust in human relationships is hurting us and the enviroment.
Lambent Foundation
New York, NY
Through innovative grantmaking and supported projects, Lambent Foundation explores and supports the critical role of artists, contemporary art and culture as strategies for promoting progressive social change.
LaShawnda Crowe Storm
Indianapolis, IN
If life were a photo, then my artwork would be its negative, seeking to explore those aspects in our society that have been ignored or forgotten such as history, lynching, misogyny, slavery and suicide. By printing these forgotten negatives, I give voice to the marginalized people and disregarded aspects of our society. For me art is my form of social work and I use it to open doorways to community dialog, which is the first step to healing, which in itself leads to wider social change.
Laura Sottile
Petaluma, CA
 Actress, Singer, Director, Composer, Choregographer, and Published Author, I have been able to make "us" laugh at ourselves while loving oursleves through comedy. The latest Comedy Video I produced is called: "Obsessive Jeans", a comedy showing a woman's struggle with zipping up her too tight Jeans; a metaphor for trying to live a life that society assigns us and finding it no longer fulfilling, but with no signs to return home. (Completed January 2016)
Lauren Abramson
Baltimore, MD
Lauren Bon
Los Angeles, CA
Not a Cornfield artist, Lauren Bon resides in Los Angeles and holds a Masters of Architecture degree from MIT and a BA from Princeton. Ms. Bon is a trustee of the Annenberg Foundation and President of Not Cornfield, LLC. Her recent urban, public and land art projects in the U.S., Hong Kong, Belfast and Northern Ireland, as well as her role as a trustee, make her uniquely poised to build the capacity of the Foundation in the area of site based philanthropy, serving communities through education, civic, health, artistic initiatives and programs.
Lauren Weinstein
Baltimore, MD
Through a collaborative thesis effort with colleague, Cinnamon Janzer, we are working on exploring the intersection of social design and the social sciences. Currently, we are in the process of developing a research model for design within the social sector that compiles current best practices within the field but also adopts methods from other disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, and macro social work. The hope is that such a model can contribute to more culturally relevant, sustainable, and responsive social design work.
Leah Oates
Brooklyn, NY
The world thus appears to be a complicated tissue of events in which connections of different kinds alternate, overlap or combine and thereby determine the texture of the whole. All phenomena are processes, connections, all is in flux, and at moments this flux is visible.   Peter Mattiessen   Artist Statement for the Transitory Space series  
Lee Lee
Taos, NM
Lee Lee attained her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and has spent time in over 40 countries. These experiences have led her to develop a wide range of painting styles in response to the diverse conditions of our world. Her work is informed by several movements through art history including the feminine expressionist drawings of Kathe Kolwitz to the actions of the 1970s which embraced processes using a shotgun or fire. Rich textures developed through destructive means speak to socio political situations imposed on people as well as environmental degradation.
Leeway Foundation
Philadelphia, PA
The Leeway Foundation is Philadelphia-based independent foundation that supports individual women and transgender artists working toward individual and community transformation. The Foundation envisions a world where art is recognized as an essential part of the human experience; where it is employed and respected as a powerful catalyst for personal and social change; and where women and trans artists are honored as role models, mentors, and leaders.
Leila Buck
New York, NY
Leila Buck is an Arab American playwright, actress, storyteller and teaching artist. Her award-winning solo show, ISite, about growing up between the U.S. and the Arab world, has toured the U.S., Europe and China. Her second play, In the Crossing, about her experience in Lebanon with her Jewish husband during the Israeli-Hezbollah war of 2006, and the challenges of telling that story, was first performed in the Public Theater's New Work Now!
Leslie Schwartz
Los Angeles, CA
Leslie Schwartz is the author of two literary novels, Jumping the Green (Simon & Schuster, 1999) and Angels Crest (Doubleday, 2004.) Jumping the Green won the James Jones Literary Society Award for Best First Novel and was published in three languages. Angels Crest was a Book Sense 76 pick and was published in nine languages. The film version of the book wrapped principal photography in December, 2009. The film title is Waska. In 2004 Schwartz was named Kalliope Magazine's Woman Writer of the Year.
Leyla Rzayeva
Baltimore, MD
Art is a valuable medium for collaboration. As a printmaker, I place importance in collaborative work by sharing my ideas, technique, and resources. Currently, I am building a print shop that will serve my community as a place for providing art-making opportunities to the public.
LIFEbeat, Inc.
New York, NY
LIFEbeat is dedicated to reaching America's youth with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention. LIFEbeat mobilizes the talents and resources of the music industry to raise awareness and to provide support to the AIDS community. Outreach programs include providing club and concert goers with safe sex materials and HIV/AIDS prevention information. The Hearts & Voices program organizes live music concerts for thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS at numerous facilities throughout New York City. This profile courtesy of Air Traffic Control.
Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project
Austin, TX
Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project is a multi-arts initiative, with an original ballet by Stephen Mills of Ballet Austin at its core. The somber and thought-provoking ballet serves as a vehicle for evoking the events of the Holocaust and celebrates the legacy of its survivors. The project in its entirety is a multi-dimensional arts and education collaboration that aims to generate civic dialogue on prejudice and hatred, and to provoke public commitment to action against bigotry in any form.
Light House Studio
Charlottesville, VA
Light House brings young people together to make movies. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit filmmaking center dedicated to helping students develop their vision and show their work. We believe in the importance of collaboration and community, the creativity of young minds, and the lasting benefits of our hands-on mentor-based approach to teaching the art of filmmaking.
Lighten Up
Hartford, CT
As part of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art’s Artist Residency program, MATRIX 164 artist Jan Tichy partnered with The Amistad Center for Art & Culture’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) to produce a series of light - based public art works that highlight the teens’ perspectives on social issues and the history and culture of Hartford’s North End. The works were installed on May 20, 2012 and will remain as long as the batteries and materials are intact.
Lily Yeh
Philadelphia, PA
From 1986 – 2004, Lily Yeh served as the co-founder, executive director, and lead artist of The Village of Arts and Humanities, a non-profit organization with the mission to build community through art, learning, land transformation and economic development. Under her eighteen years of leadership The Village’s summer park building project developed into an organization with twenty full-time and part-time employees, hundreds of volunteers, and a $1.3 million budget.
Lima Senior High Dialogue Project
Lima, OH
In January 2008, a tragic shooting in Lima, Ohio resurfaced racial tensions in the community. Lima City Schools enlisted Allen County Common Threads, a locally based volunteer group promoting arts-based civic dialogue, and Sojourn Theatre Company to implement an immediate arts-based project to help Lima Senior High School students process the tragedy. Sojourn interviewed students and wrote, performed, and recorded theatrical monologues expressing student perspectives on the incident and the racial tensions it exposed.
Artist Linda Brant and her dog Casper
Linda Brant
Orlando, FL
My art work examines the ways in which people honor or do not honor nonhuman animals following their deaths.  While companion animals are frequently grieved and honored, those that we depend on for food and other products are rarely recognized.  With a few noteworthy exceptions, the deaths of farm animals, laboratory animals and wild animals go virtually unnoticed.  What makes one species worthy of grieving and another unworthy?  What implications do our values and judgments about nonhumans have for humanity?  I explore these issues through photography, sculpture, interactive, community-bas