Location:  Austin, TX
United States
Project Description: 

A film about government corruption and how it causes our system to work against us. I'm a former business lobbyist. I've participated in this legalized corruption. I've represented corporate interest before state and federal officials. I get angry when I hear an elected official scoff at the notion his/her vote can be bought. Of course they can be bought-it happens daily and often their votes are shopped around to the highest bidder. If this were not the case, corporate America would no longer be investing in them. The fact that more and more money is flowing into our political system only shows how effective "buying" a congressman's or state legislator's vote can be. I want to show how our system is rigged to be corrupt from the very beginning of an elected officials introduction into the system. It begins the day he/she decides to run for office. It's all about money and maintaining the position. My film will be more than just a discussion about corruption. The film will discuss how we can fund our campaigns without the corrupting influence. It will bring together, Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements to create reforms in our election process. This film offers insights into our system as never before seen and most importantly, will discuss how we can make necessary reforms that will help foster a government that works for us and not against us. The film will have a broader discussion on democracy. It's a wonderful idea - are we up to it? I'm at the funding stage. To do this right, I'll need $1,000,000.00 to get this into theaters across the country. This is not going to be the "typical" documentary. It will be fun, educational and entertaining. It will need to be a film that will draw in the Occupy set, as well as Tea Party guys. In order to make this a movement that will energize enough of America to get engaged; Bubba will need to set his six pack down and come see this movie. Both the political right and the left have been activated of late to express their anger at our governance. Neither believes that their elected officials are paying attention to their needs. The best they can grasp, is that their officials are "out-of-touch". We've seen political swings. Power moving from the right to the left and then back again. Nothing seems to work. The problem is: you cannot fix what you do not know is broken. For special interest, our current system works pretty well. For most of these characters, they would prefer a legislative system that does not work - unless it benefits them. And it does. The problem is that special interest own the machine that generates the message that creates public policy. Own the message, you can drive the direction the country moves in. We the people need to "own" the machine. When this happens, we can restore balance to the system. This is a two punch investment. A film that shows how our system betrays us, offers solutions and as an added benefit, a way forward - the organizational movement itself.