Graffiti of War

Location:  Clarksburg, WV
United States
Project Description: 

Jaeson Parsons started the Graffiti of War Project after he returned from Iraq, where he served as an Army medic, and found that not all of his therapy needs could be met through the Veterans Affairs hospital. Sparked by the off-hand and impromptu thoughts and artwork scrawled on the latrine walls in Iraq and Afghanistan, Graffiti of War has evolved into a collection of original artworks and photos of war zone graffiti by service members. Project organizers traveled to bases in Iraq and Afghanistan to document and preserve the murals and makeshift memorials painted by troops. The photos capture moments in time, reveal troop morale, and forge connection with the outside community. This generation of service members is turning to less conventional forms of art to document and share their experiences in a war zones. With the war in Iraq now over, Graffiti of War is working to make sure that graffiti and other artwork from now abandoned locations is not torn down before being documented. The collected works are part of a traveling exhibition, and submissions are still strongly encouraged.