Jotalogues: Talking Taboo in the LGBTQAI-U

Location:  Berkeley, CA
Project Description: 

Jotalogues: Talking Taboo in the LGBTQAI-U is a theater/performance piece written and performed by Adelina Anthony & D'Lo and directed by Mark Valdez. Steeped in witty language and physical humor, Jotalogues tackles our multiple intersections from a pan-ethnic, pan-generational, and pan-sexual viewpoint.  As our communities continue to face deep crisis, Jotalogues gives voice to the most marginalized—and it’s not your typical queers.  In this show, Adelina and D’Lo, create zany characters to explore the effects of non-regulated human impact and destruction on our planet. Tackling the familiar tropes of racism, sexism, and homophobia, Anthony and D’Lo’s use their signature comedic chops to give us fresh insights into a very special "underground" world. Jotalogues emerged from different opportunities to workshop characters during the last few years and a desire to examine “isms” from a queer people of color perspective. “I realized I could create another solo show, or I could invite my talented friend, D’Lo, to join me in creating something that spoke to our mutual concerns and showcased both of our talents. It’s not everyday you get to see a Xicana-Indígena lesbian and a queer/trans Sri-Lankin share the stage,” Anthony says as the lead artist on the grant. “I feel our audiences, which already have some overlap, are going to be in for an entertaining and surprising ride together. And that’s the larger point of the piece, we’re all in it together.”