Save Yourself: Relay

Location:  New York, NY
United States
Project Description: 

Artist Jamie Crooke invites participants on an interactive
performance throughout 14th street as part of the Art in Odd Places Festival. Maps will be available
throughout the festival to participate by collecting health
information from businesses at your own pace. Performances
will be held on Oct. 5-9th from 12-4pm along 14th Street. "Save
Yourself: Relay" was inspired by a 2012 study conducted that
found low rates of health literacy lead to premature death. The aims of the project is to educate the viewer on health related topics. This project is part of a larger project entitled "Save Yourself," which functions as public, visual and performing art. This work addresses the lack of health care access and the need for individuals to take care of themselves since public supports are lacking.

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