United Kids "Exposure"

Location:  Baltimore , MD
United States
Project Description: 

United Kids was started in 2009 in Upstate NY by Eeinna Akers. In the beginning United Kids was United Girls, with 4 little girls. Within two weeks from the first meeting which met weekly at The Harriman United Methodist Church the program grew to 20 girls, and branched out by the end of the month to include United Boys, and United Teens.

This program was intended to unite children of all walks of life, and integrate expression of art, unity, friendship, and community amongst children who may otherwise never meet or become friends. They enjoyed arts and crafts, building and working as a team, team oriented activities, outdoor group games, weekend hiking trips, camping trips, sailing, and fishing. They became family.

The Akers and their program have moved to Baltimore City, with the hopes of offering the same principals and enrichment to the communities of Baltimore City. Their goal is to ultimately register "Exposure" United Kids as a Not for profit organization and create a national network that is similar to The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts but will involve Uniting Families etc. The goal of the Akers Exposure vision is to expose children to positive activities, lifestyles, and hobbies that they may not ordinarily experience or be able to afford.

The Akers, understand that sometimes all it takes is "Exposure" to change the mindset and lifestyle, and possibly the future outcome of a child or families life. They are driven by the the social ills to do as much as possible to help a child have a positive childhood experience not limited by financial disadvantage. The Akers in their 24 yrs together have impacted the lives of many children and families through their efforts in supporting, assisting, and introducing them to Aeronautics, Drama, Arts and Crafts, Sailing, and Camping.

Their impact has made them seem as a mom and pop figure to many children, and that advocacy has transferred to Baltimore City where Eeinna has taken children from the Montebello Academy school to Sundays at the Baltimore Museum of Art, and park trips to experience team effort sports and agricultural discussions.

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