Presenting Data Effectively

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January 2014
Stephanie Evergreen
Sage Publications
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Presenting Data Effectively is a step-by-step guide to making research results more useful and interesting. This book provides guiding principles for designing effective data presentations and reports.

These complex concepts are outlined in straightforward manner and can easily be applied by students, researchers, evaluators, and non-profit workers. The book guides the reader through design choices related to four primary areas: graphics, type, color, and arrangement.

The mastery of these four visual components of data is vital for effective external data dissemination and they create a dynamic form of persuasion. The guidance in Presenting Data Effectively stems from the author’s extensive study of research reporting, a solid review of the literature in graphic design and related fields, and the input of a panel of graphic design experts.

Information design is an increasingly relevant field. At the intersection of the arts and social change, Animating Democracy observes that sound data visualization practices will help arts practitioner’s present projects and findings in a more legible way. Artists have an opportunity to capitalize on this field through their own unique visual literacy.

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