Games for Change


666 Broadway, Suite 825
New York, NY10012
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Service Organization
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Games for Change provides support, visibility, and shared resources to individuals and organizations using and designing digital games for social change. The web site features Game Channels, a database of exemplary games that engage contemporary social issues in meaningful ways to foster a more just, equitable and/or tolerant society. These games have been created by cross-disciplinary teams from around the world. Profiles include age appropriateness, description, and a link to play. Games in development are showcased in the annual Games for Change Festival. Resources for nonprofits include 101 Workshop for organizations interested in using games as a part of their educational and outreach efforts as well as the Let the Games Begin: A Toolkit 4 Making Social Issue Games which helps organizations use digital games to further their missions and outreach. For "socially-responsible game-designers," Games for Change offers: consulting and producing services; PETLab, a research lab for interactive media prototyping, evaluation, teaching and learning; and G4C Connect, a social network that provides members with news and collaborative space.