New York Alliance for the Arts


PO Box 454
Montour Falls, NY14865
Finger Lakes
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Arts Organization
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The New York Alliance for the Arts is a catalyst for the transformative power of art to achieve concrete community based outcomes.  Its programs inform the development of the creative sector in the Finger Lakes with arts related data and cultural resources.  By sharing this data and organizing networking events, NYAA serves as a builder of creative partnerships within the creative sector (artists, arts organizations and businesses) and outward to the community and policy makers.   Specifically, NYAA endeavors to map or catalog the majority of the arts sector in an online web registry accessible to the creative sector, policy makers and the general public.

Outline & Description

Program background and development


The New York Alliance for the Arts, NYAA formed in the fall of 2015 as a 501c(3) organization serving the creative sector of the greater Finger Lakes region in New York State.  NYAA functions as an aggregator of arts related data and resources, a project coordinator, and as a builder of creative partnerships among artists, arts organizations and businesses.  NYAA’s goal is to provide arts and cultural focused research, programing and advocacy for creative sector planning and growth.   

To accomplish its mission, NYAA developed the INSPIRED Registry program, a comprehensive arts registry and database identifying and mapping all artists, art organizations and for-profit art businesses in the Finger Lakes region- the entire arts sector.  These registered arts entities will have a bio page on the NYAA website.  Likewise, various available arts venues will be identified and listed.  This data will quantify and ascertain the impact of the creative sector while providing a better understanding of its strengths and challenges.  This understanding will influence the development of a transformational plan that brings the communities of the Finger Lakes region together to collectively leverage its creative assets for the economic benefit of the entire community.


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