Amorous Ebony

Artist Statement: 

Amorous – (1) being in love: enamored (2) of or relating to love. I hail from the great city of Baltimore, Maryland. I am a singer, songwriter, poet and actress. I am also a theater major at Coppin State University here in Baltimore. I am a youth cultural organizer for Youth Resiliency Institute which is an intergenerational group of individuals who express the importance of Kwanzaa’s principles in everyday life, elevate the understanding of cultural consciousness, and development through a rites of passage performing arts process. I have been given opportunities to travel, perform in and outside of Baltimore, all while meeting wonderful people. I believes that the journey of self-discovery is never-ending and that as an artist I has no boundaries. I am very driven, dedicated to my music and poetry, serving the community, working with youth, and spreading love. My artistry is about staying true to who I am as I evolve. As an artists with no boundaries, I believe that it is quite important to maintain authenticity as I write my song lyrics, poetry and develop as an artist. My mission is to spread healing, peace and love as I journey through life.


Baltimore, MD21216