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Center for the Theater Commons
Boston, MA
MISSION To build knowledge platforms and align resources for theater artists and organizations. We want our contribution to widen the gates of opportunity for more accessible and relevant models for theater making in the 21st Century. We think theater is for everyone. KNOWLEDGE PLATFORMS Convenings: Two-day meetings bringing together leaders in the field of new play development to discuss pressing field-wide issues. Previous convening topic areas include: diversity, Black playwrights, devised work, the non-profit-commercial intersection, and the literary office.
Chenango County Council of the Arts
Norwich, NY
To develop, promote, enhance and increase community arts and cultural programs in Broome County and Chenango County through a regranting of funds allocated to the CCCA from NYSCA; to support a wide range of professional and avocational arts and cultural events that creatively reflect the unique qualities and resources of these communities; to support the work of Broom and Chenango Counties individual artists through sponsoring organizations; to reach as many communities throughout Broome and Chenango Counties as possible.
Chicago Artists Coalition
Chicago, IL
The Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC) is a 41-year old artist service organization dedicated to building a sustainable marketplace for entrepreneurial artists and creatives. Across its history, CAC has an impressive legacy of working directly with and on behalf of practicing artists to provide professional development training, exhibition opportunities, and advocacy. The organization was founded in 1974 by a group of artists who sought to create a better environment and future for the artistic community living and working in the Chicago area.
Chicago Artists Resource
Chicago, IL
Chicago Artists Resource (CAR) is a program of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs that provides resources for Chicago artists working in dance, literary, music, theatre and visual arts. CAR hosts a searchable database on its web site where Chicago artists can post their artwork and experiences through Artist Story or Arts Professional Story. Resources are organized by artistic discipline and also include links to local and national organizations, educational and career opportunities, and business resources for operating an arts organization. .
Chicago Public Art Group
Chicago, IL
The Chicago Public Art Group mission is to unite artists and communities in partnership to produce quality public art and to extend and transform the tradition of collaborative, community involved, public artwork. Chicago Public Art Group goals have remained consistent over 30+ historic years of art making.
Chicken & Egg Pictures
New York, NY
THE MOTHER WIT HUMAN RIGHTS FUND is dedicated to supporting women filmmakers and courageous human rights activists — be they men, women or youth — who together from both sides of the camera take on critical human rights struggles in the U.S. and around the globe. These films are meant to inspire, enrage and catalyze the collective belief and will needed to insure civil rights, reproductive health rights, environmental, racial and economic justice, education and literacy for all — and especially for women and girls.
Chicken & Egg Pictures
New York, NY
Chicken & Egg Pictures is a hybrid film fund and nonprofit production company dedicated to supporting women filmmakers who are as passionate about the craft of storytelling as they are about the social justice, environmental, and human rights issues they are embracing, translating and exploring on film.
Chinook Fund
Denver, CO
The Chinook Fund is a movement-building organization. The Foundation supports organizations working to create a just, equitable and free society by transforming oppressive and discriminatory political, social and economic systems and institutions. Chinook supports organizations which are challenging the root causes of oppression rather than treating the symptoms. Chinook is committed to the transformation of society into one that promotes social justice and freedom from oppression, including but not limited to: racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, and ableism.
Chon SuJ'n
Seattle, WA
Co-founder of IDEA Odyssey Gallery & Collective Founded in 2010, the International District Engaged in the Arts (IDEA) Odyssey is a collective dedicated to nurturing and supporting visual artists of diverse cultures, primarily those of Asian, African, Caribbean, Latino, Native American and Pacific Islander heritage, and artists who explore culture, diversity and identity in their work.
Chris Jonas
Santa Fe, NM
Chris Jonas is a composer, intermedia/video artist, conductor and instrumentalist working on the intersection of the visual and acoustic, creating pieces that engage and challenge context. Along with partner Molly Sturges, Jonas founded Littleglobe in 2005.
Christensen Fund
San Francisco, CA
The Christensen Fund believes in the power of biological and cultural diversity to sustain and enrich a world faced with great change and uncertainty. The foundation’s mission is to buttress the efforts of people and institutions who believe in a biodiverse world infused with artistic expression and work to secure ways of life and landscapes that are beautiful, bountiful and resilient. The Fund pursues this mission through place-based work in regions chosen for their potential to withstand and recover from the global erosion of diversity.
Cindy Rosenberg
Marriottsville, MD
Playing the cello/classical music can be perceived as elitist. My goal, as an individual artist, as a member of Mosaic, and as a member of the greater community of Baltimore, is to break down those barriers, whether through concerts for populations who do not as a rule experience live music, teaching children who may not otherwise be exposed to playing an instrument, or our school shows that combine music and academics.
Citizens Planning & Housing Association, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
CPHA trains citizens to be leaders and advocates for change. Our mission is to bring about a healthy, inclusive Baltimore by bringing together people and neighborhoods to create innovative solutions to challenging, community-wide problems; empowering citizens with information and skills for advocacy and organizing; and championing solutions through legislative and policy reforms. CPHA is the catalyst for civic action to bring about a healthy, inclusive Baltimore, with economically vibrant communities and opportunities for all people.
City Council Meeting
City Council Meeting is a four-city performance project in partnership with Mallory Catlett, Jim Findlay, and Aaron Landsman. Premiered in 2012 and now in San Francisco summer of 2014, City Council Meeting is described as “performed participatory democracy.” The piece incorporates audience participation into the performance for a collaborative exploration of the poetry in bureaucracy, and the power and comedy of government procedure. Drama and role playing create a stage for dialogue about community issues.
City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs
Atlanta, GA
The Office of Cultural Affairs aims to enhance Atlanta's reputation as a cultural destination. The OCA supports programs that educate and expose the public to a rich and diverse range of cultural expressions through a variety of initiatives.
City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs
Dallas, TX
The Office of Cultural Affairs works to enhance the vitality of the City and the quality of life for all Dallas citizens by creating an environment wherein arts and cultural organizations thrive and people of all ages enjoy opportunities for creative expression and the celebration of our community's multicultural heritage. The office’s mission is to establish a cultural system that ensures ALL Dallas citizens and visitors have an opportunity to experience the finest in arts and culture.
City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
Los Angeles, CA
The goal of the Department of Cultural Affairs is to enhance the quality of life for Los Angeles' residents and visitors. The Department accomplishes this goal by generating and supporting high quality arts and cultural experiences. The department ensures access to those experiences through grant making, marketing, development, communication, and building relationships with our community partners. The department’s challenge is to be a catalyst for the delivery of art, culture, and heritage to every neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles.
City of Minneapolis, Division of Cultural Affairs
Minneapolis, MN
The Division's mission is to strengthen the arts and enrich cultural life in Minneapolis. Its goals are to foster development of the arts; stimulate participation in and appreciation of the arts by all city residents; encourage cooperation and coordination between artists and the various arts; seek financial support for the arts; act as an advocate for the arts before private and public agencies; advise the city council with respect to arts related matters; strive for high standards of quality in the arts; and represent the arts whenever possible.
City of New Haven Department of Cultural Affairs
New Haven, CT
The Mayor’s Community Arts Grants Program has been designed to support the community by providing financial, marketing and technical assistance for arts and cultural related programs, projects and events which occur in New Haven neighborhoods.