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Cornerstone Theater Company
Los Angeles, CA
Cornerstone Theater Company is a multi-ethnic, ensemble-based theater company. The organization commissions and produces new plays–both original works and contemporary adaptations of classics–that combine the artistry of professional and community collaborators. By making theater with and for people of many ages, cultures, and levels of theatrical experience, Cornerstone builds bridges between and within diverse communities in its home city of Los Angeles and nationwide. From 1986 to 1991, the ensemble worked in rural communities, creating 12 musical productions in 10 states.
Council for the Arts at MIT
Cambridge, MA
The Council for the Arts supports arts projects in all disciplines with grants that range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Three times a year, the Council Grants Committee reviews applications from students, faculty and staff and awards grants based on the quality and innovation of the project and on its potential for involving MIT students.
Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island
Staten Island, NY
The Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island (COAHSI) cultivates a sustainable and diverse cultural community for the people of Staten Island. COAHSI creates opportunities for dialogue among and works hand-in-hand with individual artists, community leaders, cultural and community-based organizations, large and small foundations and businesses, schools and governmental agencies.
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Nashville, TN
The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum collects, preserves, and interprets the evolving history and traditions of country music. Through exhibits, publications, and educational programs, the Museum teaches its diverse audiences about the enduring beauty and cultural importance of country music.
County Judge: Documentary Film and Community Forums
Letcher County, KY
The County Judge documentary is a joint endeavor of Eastern Kentucky University and Appalshop. It is a campus-community partnership based in Letcher County, Kentucky that explores the influence that enduring local traditions, attitudes, and growing mistrust of government has on how and why we vote. The project includes the production of a documentary film and a series of forums facilitated by Eastern Kentucky students.
Creative Action
Austin, TX
The mission of Creative Action is to spark and support the academic, social and emotional development of young people. Through interactive classroom performances, after school arts residencies and community-based programs, Creative Action’s team of professional Teaching Artists inspire youth to be Creative Artists, Courageous Allies, Critical Thinkers, and Confident Leaders.
Creative Capital Foundation
New York, NY
Creative Capital supports groundbreaking artists in all disciplines whose work seeks to illuminate the world in which we live. Creative Capital considers artists entrepreneurs in the cultural arena, and has adapted venture capital concepts into its integrated support model, which combines financial support with advisory services throughout a project's life.
Creative Capital Foundation/MAP Fund
New York, NY
MAP seeks to support experimentation and innovation in the live performing arts. Within that, MAP seeks especially to support work that brings insight to the issue of cultural difference or "the other," be that in class, gender, generation, ethnicity or aesthetic orientation.
Creative Citymaking
Minneapolis, MN
Creative CityMaking is a partnership between Intermedia Arts and the City of Minneapolis that fosters collaborations between local artists and City planners.  In 2013, Creative CityMaking embedded four teams of artists into the Long Range Planning Division of the City’s Community Planning and Economic Development Department (CPED) to enhance the creative planning process in transportation, land use, economic, environmental, and social issues.
Creative Counsel
New York, NY
Creative Counsel partners with the arts and entertainment industry, visual artists and curators, musicians, writers, and other creative professionals to connect audiences to causes that matter. As an organization showcasing innovative work at the intersection of the creative arts and advocacy, one of Creative Counsel’s key resources is the 1000 Voices National Archive, a curated collection of dynamically linked video stories told by social change leaders across the country.
Creative Forces
New Orleans, LA
Creative Forces uses the transformative power of the arts to stimulate positive energy, ideas, and information among children, youth, and families in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area and beyond. The model program of the Crossroads Institute for Art, Learning & Community engages at-risk high school students, ranging in age mainly from 14 to 18, in meaningful work and life-skills development through a comprehensive annual cycle of music theatre productions, training workshops, special events, and paid apprenticeships and internships.
Creative Time
New York, NY
Creative Time's work is guided by three core values: art matters, artists’ voices are important in shaping society, and public spaces are places for creative and free expression.Creative Time commissions, produces, and presents art that engages history, breaks new ground, challenges the status quo, and infiltrates the public realm while engaging millions of people in New York City and across the globe. They are guided by a passionate belief in the power of art to create inspiring personal experiences as well as foster social progress. We privilege artists’ ideas.
Creative Time Summit
On October12 and 13th, 2012, Creative Time coordinated their fourth annual summit: Confronting Inequity. The conference serves to advance the organization's mission of positioning the voices of artists at the center of  public discourse.  Presentations addressed recent upheavals in the international political and economic climate by focusing specifically topics of wealth inequity across the globe and the ways in which it erodes democracy. 
Creede Repertory Theatre
Creede , CO
The KID Show is an extraordinary youth theatre program that positively impacts and changes the trajectory of children’s lives. In rural Creede, Colorado (population 400), students have limited access to out-of-school educational arts programming and become at risk for early drug use and unplanned pregnancies.
Critical Encounters, Columbia College
Chicago, IL
Critical Encounters is a college-wide civic engagement initiative intended to synchronize conversations between the school and the community in an ongoing dialogue around a socially and culturally relevant central issue each academic year. Critical Encounters: Image & Implication examines how images—visual, verbal, and virtual—shape public perception and influence events and policy.
Critical Exposure
Washington, DC
Critical Exposure is a nonprofit that teaches youth to use the power of photography and their own voices to become effective advocates for school reform and social change. By empowering young people to develop skills as documentary photographers and advocates, we expose citizens and policymakers to the reality of inadequate schools and low-income communities through the eyes of the youth who confront those realities every day. We use a unique, three-pronged approach that combines art and advocacy: Youth Empowerment.
CrossCurrents Foundation
Washington, DC
The CrossCurrents Foundation was established in late 2006 to promote social, environmental and economic justice. The work of the Foundation is rooted in the idea that there are times when ordinary people can make significant change if advocates for change have sufficient resources to engage in civic activities. CrossCurrents focuses where it believes private funding can make a strategic difference to community organizing and public education campaigns. CrossCurrents laser-focused on civic engagement.
Crossroads Charlotte
Charlotte, NC
The Crossroads Charlotte project began in 2001 when the town of Charlotte, North Carolina participated in a national survey on social capital. The survey found that the community had high levels of faith-based involvement and philanthropy, but ranked last on social and interracial trust.
Crossroads Charlotte
Charlotte, NC
Crossroads Charlotte presents four plausible stories about Charlotte's future and asks the community to IMAGINE our tomorrow and exchange ideas, experiences and actions that shape a positive future for everyone. Crossroads Charlotte offers numerous ways for the community to ACT today in small and large ways to build trust by creating access, inclusion and equity in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
Crossroads Fund
Chicago, IL
Crossroads Fund supports community organizations working on issues of social and economic justice in the Chicago area.