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DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Washington, DC
The mission of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities is to provide grants, programs and educational activities that encourage diverse artistic expressions and learning opportunities, so that all District of Columbia residents and visitors can experience the rich culture of the city.
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Washington, DC
Since 1967, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (the Commission or DCCAH) has supported and advanced the arts and humanities of the District of Columbia.  Through carefully calibrated investments across a range of targeted and general support grant programs the agency has helped make available a broad range of arts and humanities programs to the citizens of the District. During the past nearhalf-century, the Commission has developed other capacities and relationships that equip it to have even greater impact in the community.
Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project
New Orleans, LA
The Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project integrates the power of theatre arts and academic study into the national discourse on the death penalty. The Project offers actor Tim Robbins’ stage play of Dead Man Walking to schools, colleges, and universities. For the rights to produce the play, Robbins requires that at least two academic departments in the school incorporate the issue of the death penalty into their curriculum for at least a semester within that year.
Dear President Blank
Minneapolis, MN
“Dear President Blank,” is a mail art exhibition and project for every student at Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Here’s how it worked: 1. Each participating student created a message for the next U.S. president. 2. “Dear President Blank” collected and exhibited those messages in every hallway in the school. 3. Each message was then taken down and mailed to the next president. TALK ABOUT YOUR WORK/MESSAGE. MCAD faculty initiated discussion during the first week of class and then students picked up the conversation later, after the project had begun. The point was this.
Smoke Break, Camp America
Debi Cornwall
Brooklyn, NY
Debi Cornwall is a visual artist working in conceptual documentary photography, who returned to creative expression in 2014 after a 12-year career as a wrongful conviction lawyer. Now, her values as an advocate and trained mediator, as well as her background representing innocent DNA exonerees, inform her visual work. Debi's deeply layered work marries empathy and dark humor with structural critique, using vivid, unexpected images and original documents to engage audiences and provoke new questions about choices made in the name of our satefy since September 11.
Deep Space Arts
Washington, DC
MISSION DEEP SPACE Arts is a peer-operated organization. We aim to present quality contemporary arts and interdisciplinary programming to facilitate and support the creative process as a portal into the collaboration of arts and multimedia. SUMMARY
Deep Vision Dance Company
Baltimore, MD
Founded in 2011 by Artistic Director Nicole A. Martinell, Deep Vision Dance Company, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing high quality choreographic works in the Baltimore/DC area while creating a home for dancers, collaborating with local artists, and educating the community in the creative process. Martinell’s choreography immerses the audience into a unique world that highlights the flux of human emotions, arouses curiosity, and challenges one’s view of reality.
Delaware Division of the Arts
Dover, DE
The Delaware Division of the Arts, a branch of the Delaware Department of State, is dedicated to nurturing and supporting the arts to enhance the quality of life for all Delawareans.
Democratic Vistas Profiles: Essays in the Arts and Democracy
Chicago, IL
Democratic Vistas Profiles: Essays in the Arts and Democracy is a series of literary profiles featuring artists and arts leaders who live and work at the intersection of the arts and democratic life. Democratic Vistas set out to find great writers to tell great stories about very interesting people.
Denise R. Duarte
Las Vegas, NV
Denise R. Duarte is a multi-disciplinary/socially-engaged artist and a Community Development Consultant with D’Arte Designs, LLC.  She received her Master of Fine Art in Community Art from the Maryland Institute of Art (MICA). Her current artwork focuses on feminist and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) issues. The feminist series examines the historical context behind contemporary women’s issues. The LGBT series uses the metaphor of the diversity of plants to illustrate that it is a human construct to narrow the definition of normal.
DESIGN 21: Social Design Network
New York, NY
DESIGN 21: Social Design Network’s mission is to inspire social consciousness through design by connecting people and organizations who want to explore ways that design can positively impact our communities. The Design 21 Network features a database with links to member designers and design organizations and to design projects organized by social theme and design type. The network also highlights design competitions that allow members to create solutions to social challenges along with a forum for non-profits to request design assistance.
Detroit Neighborhood Arts Corps
Detroit, MI
Detroit Neighborhood Arts Corps (DNAC), a program of the College for Creative Studies’ (CCS) Community Arts Partnerships (CAP), supports the creative youth development of its high school age population by linking their interest in art to community engagement and a creative education/career pipeline. DNAC provides high school students with an interest in or aptitude for the arts opportunities to work with well trained, professional Teaching Artists to develop public art murals, installations, exhibitions, and events.
Dialog:City :: Denver
Denver, CO
Dialog:City presented an arts and cultural event that catalyzed civic discourse by inviting internationally renowned artists and designers to create participatory, interactive, and dialogical site-specific works in neighborhoods across the city of Denver for citizens and audiences of the greater Denver region. From political Karaoke, digital projections of Veteran stories from a Humvee, and a technology hip-hop opera on the climate impact on Antarctica - Dialog:City created a cutting-edge convergence of art and public life.
Documentary History Project for Youth
Philadelphia, PA
The Documentary History Project for Youth is an after-school, weekend, and summertime production workshop for middle and high school students. Up to 12 young people explore an aspect of the political, social, or cultural history of Philadelphia by creating short video documentaries, audio works or websites. Students gain solid skills in media production - including planning, scripting, camera and sound recording, editing, and exposure to varied media production softwares.
dog & pony dc
Washington, DC
dog & pony dc is an ensemble of artists who devise innovative performances that incorporate new ways for audiences to experience theater. We create productions that are visceral and unexpected with a lingering impact.
Doodles Academy
Portland, OR
Doodles Academy is a powerful art curriculum for for grades 1-5. Our program is designed to minimize teacher prep, and to prepare educators of all backgrounds to offer their students a high-quality art experience. Our lessons include:
Dorchester Center for the Arts, Inc.
Cambridge, MA
The Community Arts Grants program is an effort of the Dorchester Center for the Arts, as the designated county Arts Council, to support and expand arts programming throughout our county. These funds, allocated by the Maryland State Arts Council, are intended to encourage arts programming and arts participation across the county.
Double Take Project
Lewisburg, PA
Double Take Project combined interdisciplinary techniques and Applied Theatre to empower college students at Bucknell University to address the many issues of their social and party culture. The project was cultivated May 2011 to May 2012 by senior, Tina Cody.
New York, NY
Portrait of America’s™ Dream initiative is a Celebration of the American Way of Life. It is a reflection on America today as illuminated through interviews and images of America’s newest citizens. It invites these immigrants of note to share their motivation and reasoning for coming to the United States and what they have experience here.
Dream City: Vision 2020
Pikes Peak Region, CO
Dream City Vision 2020 is a grassroots, community-owned collaborative project that engages throughout the Pikes Peak region of Colorado in meaningful dialogue to create a brighter future for the region. The project seeks to promote civic engagement, and to identify common visions and values that will move the community forward in the coming decade. The arts have played a critical role in inspiring and engaging the community in this visioning effort.