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Mia Jones
Baltimore, MD
CrE3sol is a variation of the Spanish word "crisol" roughly meaning "melting pot". Our blog is an extension of a collection of young artists and art lovers in Baltimore, Cre3Sol is fresh, it's tasty, it's full and it's a true spiritual experience.. cooked with love. Keep up with Cre3Sol events and promotions on our website!
Michael John Garcés
Los Angeles, CA
For Cornerstone, Michael has directed Making Paradise by Tom Jacobson, Shishir Kurup and Deborah Wicks La Puma, 3 Truths by Naomi Iizuka, Someday by Julie Marie Myatt, attraction by Page Leong, and The Falls by Jeffrey Hatcher (at the Guthrie Theater). He also wrote Los Illegals, the first play of the Justice Cycle, created in collaboration with communities of day laborers and domestic workers and which was subsequently produced by Teatro Bravo in Phoenix, Arizona.
Michael Rohd
Portland, OR
Michael Rohd has been exploring the intersection of theatre and democracy for years with Sojourn Theatre and through his projects with collaborators and universities around the nation. He is founding artistic director of Sojourn Theatre in Portland, Oregon, a 2005 recipient of Americans for the Arts Animating Democracy Exemplar Award.
Michelle L. Josey
San Diego, CA
I work intermodally and interdisciplinary in the arts. I'm focused on participation in social practice; the space that ignites and diverges when people come together in union with the intent to be critically creative in order to resolve some common concern. When people push past the titles, the definitions put in place by popular culture and take initiative to claim their own through embodiment, through action, anything is possible. One doesn't have to be an artist to create. Simply human. 
Military Veterans Writing Workshop
Los Angeles, CA
The Writers Guild Foundation (WGF) holds an annual retreat for veterans and active duty service members, known as the Military Veterans Writing Workshop. WGF provides an outlet for those returning from war who might be having difficulties transitioning back to the civilian community. WGF’s writing workshop allows service members to work through troubling experiences and mine their creative talent by strengthening their writing ability with guidance from professional screen, television, and novel writers. The retreats host 50 to 60 service member writers and 25 to 30 mentor writers.
Minneapolis Art on Wheels
Minneapolis, MN
MAW is Magic and Wizardry, More Art Wherever, Maybe After Work, Media At Work and Minneapolis Art on Wheels.
Minneapolis Foundation
Minneapolis, MN
The Minneapolis Foundation believes that the well-being of each citizen is connected to that of every other and that the vitality of any community is determined by the quality of those relationships. The Foundation’s purpose is to join with others to strengthen community, in measurable and sustainable ways, for the benefit of all citizens, especially those who are disadvantaged.
Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts
WInona, MN
The Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts (MCA) is a nonprofit community arts school and affiliate program of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Located in Winona, MN that has been inspiring, educating, and nurturing students of all ages through dance classes, music lessons, music lessons, art workshops, theatre camps ans more since 1973. Our programming is designed to provide physical and aesthetic benefits, heightened self-respect, discipline, and confidence.
Minnesota Opera
Minneapolis, MN
Music Out Loud is an opera-based El Sistema-inspired program that works with middle school students in an after school setting. The program uses all aspects of opera (music, theater, movement, set design, stage management, etc.) as a means to reach the program goals of social development. Lead by Teaching Artists, the program is uniquely built around the goals and objectives of each school site.
Mississippi Arts Commission
Jackson, MS
The Mississippi Arts Commission serves as a catalyst for the arts in Mississippi.
Missouri Arts Council
St. Louis, MO
The Missouri Arts Council--as public leader, partner and catalyst--is dedicated to braodening the appreciation and availability of the arts in the State and fostering the diversity, vitality and excellence of Missouri's communities, economy and cultural heritage.
Mixing it Up
Chicago, IL
The urban American landscape is rapidly changing, as high-rise public housing is being demolished and its residents dispersed. Once heralded as a revolutionary design solution to address a pressing housing shortage, Chicago’s public housing structures have rapidly deteriorated, and living standards have become sub-standard. Mixing It Up uses film to explore the redevelopment of Chicago’s public housing.
Minneapolis, MN is an online database of Minnesota artists and arts organizations in all disciplines that seeks to improve the lives of Minnesota artists and provide access to and engagement with Minnesota's arts culture. It offers Minnesota-based artists a central gathering place on the Web as a marketplace and community hub, and offers the public a new way to explore art and get to know Minnesota artists. Although the database is not specifically oriented to arts for change, artists' self-defined categories include social/political performance art, environmental art, and engagement.
Moisés Kaufman
New York, NY
Moisés Kaufman is a Tony and Emmy nominated director and award-winning playwright. Most recently, Mr. Kaufman directed  the Pulitzer and Tony Award winning I Am My Own Wife on Broadway (Obie award for direction, Tony, Outer Critics, Lucille Lortell, Drama Desk Awards nomination) Mr. Kaufman’s plays Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde and The Laramie Project have been among the most performed plays in America over the last decade.
Molly Sturges
Sante Fe, NM
Molly Sturges is a composer, artistic director, and performer. She is best known for her work integrating intermedia performance, community dialogue, and social and environmental equity and healing.
Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District
Dayton, OH
To provide financial support to arts and cultural organizations and individual artists in Montgomery County, Ohio.
Mosaic Makers, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
Mosaic Makers provides theraputic art projects with communities that are impoverished, dealing with a crisis, or in need of community building or healing. We construct both outdoor murals and individual projects. We are staffed by two licensed social workers.
Mosno Al-Moseeki
Baltimore, MD
I am an international singer/songwriter Native of Sudan. I'm known for my Arab-poetic lyrics, and pentatonic blend of acoustic alternative rock known as Desert Eclectic. Since June of 2012 my websites have been banned in my home country Sudan, due to my anti-regime song “System Down (#SudanRevolts)”. I donate all the proceeds from that song to Girifna (we are fed up), a non-violent protest movement based in Sudan. I'm always striving to be a positive image of Sudan for American, and a positive image of America for Sudan.
Mosque Alert
Chicago, IL
Mosque Alert tells the story of two suburban American families living in Naperville, IL -one Christian, the other Muslim- who find their lives torn apart by a proposal to build a new mosque in their community. Silk Road Rising and playwright Jamil Khoury invite you to join us on a unique journey, a first in new play development history. We want you to become co-creators of Jamil’s new play, Mosque Alert. Through your active participation we hope that you that will influence and assist Jamil as he develops a new play that will be both a work of art and a tool for civic engagement.