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New Muslim Cool Campaign
San Francisco, CA
New Muslim Cool is a powerful documentary by filmmaker Jennifer Taylor that tells the story of Hamza Pérez, a young Puerto Rican hip hop artist who converted to Islam at age 21, pulling himself off the streets to become a community activist and rising star. The film follows Hamza as he reaches for a deeper understanding of his faith, discovering new connections with people from Christian and Jewish communities.
New Victory Usher Corps
New York, NY
The New Victory Usher Corps is a model creative youth development program that focuses on each teen’s individual education and professional goals while providing paid employment in a prominent Times Square theater.
New World Foundation
New York, NY
The New World Foundation believes global and national social change begins at the local level. We seek to help progressive community activists in the United States and around the world build stronger alliances for social justice, civil rights, economic and electoral issues since 1954.
New York Alliance for the Arts
Montour Falls, NY
NIAD Art Center
Richmond, CA
Nick Szuberla
Whitesburg, KY
Nick Szuberla is an artist at Appalshop, an Appalachian-based arts organization. In 1998, Nick founded the media arts project "Holler to the Hood" to explore the social impact of moving hundreds of thousands of inner city minority offenders to distant rural prisons. With a variety of media (live performance, radio, video and digital) and forms (including a multimedia installation and database-driven web site), his projects focus on creating public space where people can tell their story in their own voice.
Minneapolis, MN
nim-bus, n. 1. a : A bright cloud, or cloudlike splendor, imagined as investing deities when they appeared on earth. b : a cloud or atmosphere about a person or thing 2 : A bright or golden disk surrounding the head of a drawn or sculptured divinity, saint, or sovereign 3 a : a rain cloud
Nobuko Miyamoto
Los Angeles, CA
Nobuko Miyamoto (Founder & Artistic Director) is a performing artist who has had a defining influence on the shape and content of contemporary Asian American arts and culture. Originally a dancer with stage and film credits, Miyamoto’s involvement in the social movements of the 1960s led her to re-conceptualize her role as an artist. Her performances, musicals and albums probe themes of Asian American history, identity and the intersection of cultures.
St Petersburg, FL
Our mission is rooted in the belief that art-making, as a form of human expression, is for ALL people and that all people should have access to resources enabling them to participate in the experience of making art. It is our intention to help those who do not have access get it and we do this by taking to the streets, tools and supplies in hand, in order to bring the art-making experience to the people, ALL people.
Nora Berger-Green
Philadelphia, PA
Nora Ligorano
New York, NY
Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese have collaborated together as Ligorano/Reese since the early 80s. They use collaboration to blend diverse talents into a singular voice and vision. In the process of creating their work, their individual contributions cross and criss-cross from brainstorming to realizing and making the art on location or in the studio.
North Baltimore Immigrant Communities: A Photo-documentary
Baltimore , MD
This photo documentary project addresses and confronts commonly held myths about immigrants in the U.S. The exhibition documents the lives of several immigrants who live in North Baltimore City.
North Fork Valley Heart & Soul Community Planning Project
Paonia, Hotchkiss and Crawford, CO
  In late 2011, the Orton Family Foundation awarded a two-year economic planning grant to North Fork Valley in Colorado—three interdependent towns of about 7,000 residents with a very rich arts environment.  The towns wanted to take control of future growth in a way that protects the character of their rural place; Orton’s Heart & Soul Community Planning program would provide the needed resources, including funds, technical assistance and a valuable planning framework.  
North Star Fund
New York , NY
North Star Fund is New York's community foundation supporting grassroots groups leading the movement for equality, economic justice and peace.
Northern Lights
Minneapolis, MN
Northern Lights is a roving, collaborative, interactive media-oriented, art agency from the Twin Cities for the world. It presents innovative art in the public sphere, both physical and virtual, focusing on artists creatively using technology, both old and new, to engender new relations between audience and artwork and more broadly between citizenry and their built environment.
Northland Poster Collective
Minneapolis, MN
For thirty years, Northland Poster Collective was an activist art organization and business devoted to using art in support of organizing, education and movement building. The Northland web site tells some of the story of Northland in narratives, testimonials, and photos. There are also links to the ongoing projects that started under Northland's wing and are continuing since its closing in 2009 to provide some of the services that Northland offered.
Northwest Minnesota Arts Council
Warren, MN
The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council’s mission is to support and enhance the development of the arts in northwestern Minnesota. The Council’s purpose is to facilitate and encourage the creation and appreciation of the arts. The Council serves as an advocate for local and regional arts development. Assistance and encouragement is provided to the people of the region to enhance the quality and availability of arts experiences.
Not A Cornfield
Los Angeles, CA
The Not a Cornfield project transformed an industrial brownfield site in Los Angeles into a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn for one agricultural cycle. The art piece redeemed a lost but fertile ground, transforming what was left from the industrial era into a renewed space for the public.
Not In Our Town
Oakland, CA
Communities across the country use PBS documentary, Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness, as a springboard to find ways to prevent hate crimes and anti-immigrant violence. The film tells the story of residents of a Long Island village taking action after a local immigrant is killed in a hate crime attack by seven teenagers. While starkly revealing the trauma of hate, the film provides a blueprint for people who want to do something before intolerance turns to violence.
Not Quite White
Chicago, IL
Silk Road Rising’s Not Quite White: Arabs, Slavs, and the Contours of Contested Whiteness (24 min., 8 sec.), directed by Jamil Khoury and Stephen Combs, is a documentary film dedicated to a vision of whiteness that is anti-racist and rooted in economic justice. A documentary film that explores the complicated relationship of Arab and Slavic immigrants to American notions of whiteness. Not Quite White explores the complicated relationship of Arab and Slavic immigrants to American notions of whiteness.