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Peter Bruun
Baltimore, MD
I produce paintings and drawings to underpin projects defying easy categorization—hybrid undertakings thought of as everything from spirited art experiences to civic actions to humanistic events. My philosophical approach is grounded in the belief art is a broad idea, essential to individual and cultural identity. As such, art is not marginal, but rather core to who we are.
PFund Foundation
Minneapolis, MN
PFund advances social justice for LGBT communities by funding systems change, developing leaders, inspiring giving, and convening and reporting on issues of importance within our communities. We are working to change attitudes, change systems and break down barriers at the intersection of our identities—orientation, gender, race, culture—to achieve social justice.
Phillip Bimstein
Springdale, UT
Alternative classical composer Phillip Bimstein lives in Springdale, Utah, where he also served two terms as mayor. Known as “ America’s only all natural politician composer,” Bimstein has used music throughout his career as politician and environmental activist.
Phonograph Films
Miami, FL
Phonograph Films is an art & media production, post-production, and exhibition company founded by Juan Carlos Zaldivar that is interested in building community and developing new, creative ways to use film and art. To this end, it develops discussion guides and organizes exhibitions and civic engagement events around films, art and media. Phonograph Films works in documentary as well as fiction, hybrid, experimental/alternative media, visual and performance art, interactive media and new technologies.
Pierre & Tana Matisse Foundation
New York, NY
Our Foundation funds programs which advance arts education in public, charter, and parochial schools in New York City.
Pillsbury House + Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
As a descendant of the Settlement House tradition, Pillsbury House + Theatre unleashes creativity in servce to our Powderhorn/Central neighborhood and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, because the best way to build positive change in our communities is to help people connect, build meaningful relationships with each other, and learn how to fulfill their dreams, their way.
Pioneers of Change
New York, NY
Pioneers of Change is a global network for young people in their mid-20s to mid-30s to build capacity and develop relationships needed to affect change in the world. Members of the network connect to communities of practices based on areas of interest. One of these communities is Arts for Social Change, which focuses on applying artistic processes toward social change. Arts for Social Change produces interactive learning tools and learning journey conferences that bring artists and community developers together.
Play Ball - A Dance on Historic Downs Field
Austin, TX
Play Ball on Historic Downs Field was performed May 9th-11th, 2014 to an audience of over 1,500 people. Presented through a partnership between Forklift Danceworks and Austin's African American Cultural Heritage District, Play Ball premiered as part of District Days at Downs Field, a citywide celebration of historic Downs Field.
Play On, Philly!
Philadelphia, PA
Play On, Philly! (POP) is an innovative education and social initiative that provides opportunities for personal development to children through the study of music. Inspired by the social development and music education program of Venezuela called El Sistema, POP seeks to enrich the lives of Philadelphia youth by providing daily musical instruction in communities that have little access to music education.Established in 2011 at St.
Playing For Change Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
The Playing for Change Foundation is dedicated to creating positive social change through music education in communities around the world. We are driven by the belief that peace and change are possible through the universal language of music. Many of the regions the Playing For Change Foundation works within suffer from extreme poverty, lack of basic resources, limited medical care and educational resources, past conflicts and genocide, unstable governments, and a host of infectious diseases.
Playwrights Project
San Diego, CA
Playwrights Project is a nonprofit arts education organization that seeks to advance literacy, creativity, and communication by empowering individuals to voice their stories through playwriting programs and theatre productions. Its programs teach the power of spoken and written language, nurture promising young writers, develop theatre artists and audiences, and honor individuals by dramatizing their life stories.
Poetry in Community
Baltimore, MD
poetry readings; poetry workshops; community events; publishing and bookmaking workshops; resources for classroom enhancement
Point Made Films
New York, NY
Point Made makes films about the various facets of American identity. Founded in 1997, Point Made Films work to document aspects of our society that teach us more about who we are as Americans and as citizens of the world.
Poor Quality: Inequality
Durham, NC
Thirty-four artists were invited to create innovative and engaging artwork after a stimulating discussion on social and economic inequality, wealth distribution, and what is so taxing about taxation. Some chose to explore how to visualize analytical data. Other artists explored the capacity for art to spark an emotional response to the research presented by the Center for Advanced Hindsight. 
Portland Works
Portland, ME
Portland Works employs artmaking as a catalyst to build enduring, authen­tic relationships which are essential to meeting the increasing challenges facing cities. Created in response to civic and social tensions between city employees, elected officials and the immigrant and refugee communities, Portland Works partners municipal participants – city councilors, police, public service, social service, fire and EMS workers – with community leaders who represent both the city’s growing diversity and the residents who have lived here for generations.
Portrait of America
New London, CT
The Portrait of America series initiates monumental, interactive public art exhibitions to engage communities in a constructive dialogue that triggers positive change. The exhibitions hold a mirror up to a community to reveal what is already there – the inherent dignity and promise of its people. Portrait of America partners with established community organizations to ensure a broad community outreach, meet the needs of the city, and establish relationships and programs with a lasting presence and impact. In 2004, artist Joe Standart began Portrait of America in New London, Connecticut.
Portrait of America
New York, NY
Public Arts and educational initiatives
Post Apocolyplic
Baltimore, MD
Created through a series of community Weaving Bees, this abandoned playground is being woven with reclaimed materials into a neighborhood gathering space. This project is aimed at inter-generational collaboration, building friendships and community, as well as sharing weaving skills.
Austin, TX
On September 21st & 22nd, 2013, in the shadow of Austin’s Decker Power Plant, Forklift premiered PowerUP—a performance featuring the employees and machinery of Austin Energy (AE).  With lighting design by Stephen Pruitt and an original musical score by Graham Reynolds, accompanied by a string orchestra led by Austin Symphony Conductor Peter Bay and featuring "digital violin" soloist Todd Reynolds, PowerUP showcased 50+ linemen, electrical technicians and AE employees in a choreographed full-length dance with cranes, bucket and field
Prelude for Yuba Salmon
Durango, CO
Prelude for Yuba Salmon is a collaborative adventure in music, environment, composition and film. Bringing together music students, environmental educators and professional musician mentors, the project explores a defining community issue in the Sierra foothills of northern California: the health of the native salmon run and the importance of watershed conservation.