Asian Arts Initiative Artists in Communities Training (ACT) Program

Location:  Philadelphia, PA
Project Description: 

Our Artists in Communities Training (ACT) Program is a professional development course designed to give artists facilitation and teaching skills needed in school and community settings. By providing a course that builds essential skills in communication, lesson planning, classroom, and group management, the Asian Arts Initiative aims to expand the pool of artists of color of all disciplines who can actively convey the power of art-making into the hands of everyday people. ACT consists of a six-week series of intensive workshops on educational models and strategies, a hands-on teaching placement, and opportunities for future residencies in schools and community settings. The program is grounded in an innovative arts-based pedagogy that includes the arts as an integral part of the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and political development of youth and community members. ACT II provides continued professional development opportunities for ACT Alumni to maintain and broaden the sense of community that started during their participation in ACT I. ACT II addresses skill-based development for community-based artists and exposure to issues pertinent to those involved in building community through the arts.