Location:  , NM
United States
Project Description: 


An annual springtime program of Wise Fool, IGNITE provides an opportunity for individuals, families, and organizations to create artwork that responds to our world. Wise Fool utilizes giant puppetry and street art for this project because they draw people in, disarm audiences, and anyone can create them! 
Wise Fool offers four weeks of free IGNITE workshops, guiding community members in the creation of giant puppets and street art that reflect both struggles and visions around a social issue chosen in a public forum. Dialogue is sparked between strangers over wheat paste and newspaper, and diverse community members of all ages and backgrounds - families, adults, teens, indivduals, organizations - work as a team to create something larger than themselves. The resulting creations, from whimsical to thought-provoking, are carried by their makers in an outdoor community celebration. Spectators are treated to a colorful menagerie reflecting dozens of diverse artistic reactions to the chosen issue! An annual program since 2010.