Social Movement Development Model

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May 2014
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The Social Movement Development Model is a tool that can be used for planning and for evaluating the impact of social change work, identifying the kinds of changes feasible for a project, or for developing new ways of thinking about how social change projects are situated in broader social justice movements. The tool focuses on movements as a social change vehicle, an outcome, and a container.  The model identifies four types of social transformation:  cultural, community, institutional, and sustainable transformation, necessary for social movements to be successful and enables artists and activists to assess their own niche and outcomes in this larger picture.   The model also identifies five capacity areas:  communications, leadership, strategic, research, and infrastructure capacity, which may need development in order for groups to be effective in contributing to social change. The model is meant to describe how groups can change power dynamics in their communities and society. The tool was developed by the Crossroads Fund in Chicago in collaboration with grantees and external researchers and evaluators.

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