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Companion Guides

Aesthetic Perspectives:  Attributes of Excellence

in Arts for Change


Written by respected peers, COMPANION GUIDES offer ideas and insights to help these users apply the framework to address their needs and interests. 


NEW! Teaching Artists

By Dennie Palmer Wolf and Jeannette Rodríguez Píneda

Learn how to use the framework to: engage young people in art-making, conversations, and reflection informed by the values of Arts for Change; and provide an expanded set of qualities of well-designed and implemented Arts for Change projects and artworks for use in program design, implementation, and evaluation.

E-Book | Download PDF


Performing Artists

By Mark Valdez, theater artist/organizer

Learn how to use the framework to: spark creative ideas, set priorities in planning, frame artistic intent, describe work, aid self-assessment, and enhance dialogue with communities, partners, and supporters.

E-Book | Download PDF



By M. Christine Dwyer, RMC Research

Learn how to use the framework to: frame program mission, design application materials, guide processes for proposal review including panelist guidelines, and evaluate grantee outcomes.

E-Book | Download PDF



Evaluators / Researchers

By Susannah Laramee Kidd, Fellow and Research Analyst, L.A. County Arts Commission, independent evaluator

Learn how to use the framework to: frame questions that help define program purposes and guide assessment of aesthetics in arts and social justice work.

E-Book | Download PDF



By Bob Leonard, Professor of Theatre, Virginia Tech

Learn how to use the framework to: guide written analysis, shape curriculums, and focus areas of study. 

E-Book | Download PDF



By Sara Reisman, Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation and The 8th Floor gallery

Learn how to use the framework to: evaluate the aesthetics of an exhibition, develop interpretive materials and dialogue activities, and communicate aesthetic dimensions of Arts for Change work.

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