Featured Resources on Data Collection

Qualitative Evaluation Checklist
By Michael Quinn Patton. Kalamazoo, MI: Western Michigan University, 2003.

This 13-page checklist outlines a 10-step approach that is designed to guide evaluators in determining when qualitative methods are appropriate for their program and inquiry.

A Handbook of Data Collection Tools: Companion to a Guide to Measuring Advocacy and Policy
By Jane Reisman, Anne Gnienapp and Sara Stachowiak. Organizational Research Services, 2007. www.aecf.org and www.organizationalresearch.com (accessed May 26, 2009).

An outstanding piece, this 51-page handbook presents a great discussion of outcomes as they relate to policy and advocacy.

Importance of Culture in Evaluation: A Practical Guide for Evaluators
By Kien Lee. Denver, CO: The Colorado Trust, 2007.

Written for evaluators, this 17-page report is a pointed guide to communicating about culture in evaluation practices and may be used as a reference in data collection.

Data Collection Worksheet
By Suzanne Callahan. Evaluation Training Tools, 2008.

This is an interactive worksheet designed to help users think about and develop data collection strategies.

Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods 
By Michael Quinn Patton. SAGE Publications, Inc.; 3rd ed, 2002.

A definitive resource on the topic of qualitative inquiry, this book introduces the principles and methods of qualitative research and evaluation.

2010 Legacies Now and Creative City Network of Canada
Cultural Mapping Toolkit, 2007. (accessed May 26, 2009).

This user-friendly, 94-page toolkit is entirely about cultural mapping and the process involved in doing it.

Public Art: A Guide to Evaluation
Birmingham, England: Ixia, 2009. (accessed February 18, 2009).

This resource includes numerous items some of which relate to indicators and data collection. Search on ixia for all related items.

Singing Our Praises: Case Studies in the Art of Evaluation
By Suzanne Callahan. Washington, DC: The Association of Performing Arts Presenters, 2004.

The 171-page book Singing Our Praises demystifies evaluation by highlighting examples of how arts presenters have used evaluation to learn about their success.

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