Making Data Visualizations: A Survival Guide and Other Resources

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January 2013
Beth Kanter

In Making Data Visualizations: A Survival Guide and Other Resources, Beth Kanter, author of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, blogs about the importance of data visualization strategies in the nonprofit sector. In this list, Kanter offers her own take on six resources that provide an entry point into the field of visualization. These resources range in length from full books on graphics to brief tips on creating effective yet simple presentations. Below, Animating Democracy notes resources that we believe to be the most useful:

  • Data Visualization Survival Guide, by Gegor Aisch, is a workshop that walks practitioners through the do’s and don’ts of visualization and information design. Aisch’s work is driven by the questions: how can we combine the power of visualizations with the values and ethics of quality journalism? What are the common pitfalls, mistakes and misconceptions? And finally, how can we succeed in finding a balance between compelling storytelling, correct data display, and aesthetically rich representations?
  • How to Tell Stories with Data, from Edward Segal, combines the best practices of storytelling narrative with data visualization. The information, presented in a series of slides, is beautifully crafted and work as a perfect representation of the power of strong graphics in keeping audiences interested and engaged.
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