Bond Street Theatre Coalition


2 Bond St.
New York, NY10012
United States
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Arts Organization
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Bond Street Theatre initiates creative programming that inspires and educates youth, addresses human rights issues, heals communities affected by poverty and conflict, and promotes the value of the arts in shaping a peaceful future.  

The company responds to humanitarian crises through the uplifting powers of the arts.  The company has intiated innovative theatre and theatre-based programs in over 40 countries worldwide, and reached populations in refugee camps, schools, shelters, prisons, rural villages and urban centers.


Bond Street initiated the first Afghan-US theatre collaboration (2005); worked with refugees in Montreal (1987), Macedonia (1999), Pakistan (2002), and Haiti (2011); toured an Afghan-US-Indian theatre team to rural communities across India (2006-2009); performed in war-torn theatres across the Balkans, and created the Performing Artists for Balkan Peace uniting artists from 8 Balkans nations.  Since 2003, the company has been working in Afghanistan to revitalize the theatre arts and create theatre to reach isolated women, and currently conducts projects with groups in Myanmar and Azerbaijan.