Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute


120 East 125th Street
New York, NY10035
United States
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Arts Organization
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MISSION STATEMENT - The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI), is an arts, culture, education and media organization that advocates on behalf of cultural equity, racial and social justice for African descendant communities. 

VISION STATEMENT - We envision a global landscape where African descendants achieve equity, racial and social justice.

As reflected in CCCCADI's mission, the programs and activities of the Center revolve around any and all forms of arts, culture, education and media that have the ability to address social justice and cultural equity as applied particularly to people of African descent. The Center’s efforts can be defined as four broad categories:  Expressions, Learning, Spirituality and Exchange.

EXPRESSIONS - Expressions is the Center’s acknowledgement of the diverse and brilliant artistic disciplines that reflect the international African Diaspora experience. We honor our creative Expressions through the presentation of performances, lectures, workshops, film screenings, festivals and exhibitions that are accessible for all audiences.

LEARNING - Learning with the Center is the promotion of a life-long pursuit of knowledge and culture through instructional arts programs based in traditional and contemporary African Diaspora art forms designed for all age groups.

SPIRITUALITY - In recognition of the role that spirituality plays in the cultures of African people and their descendants, CCCADI respectfully weaves these spiritual elements into the fabric of its programming. The Center presents much of its spiritually-based activities in collaboration with traditional spiritual leaders, practitioners, cultural activists, and artists that retell and pass on the stories and practices that bind African descendants into one holistic family building resilience today and into the future.

EXCHANGE - The Exchange program enables the Center to promote a broader connection with global African descendants through arts and culture. In addition, international “Exchange” serves to connect African descendants with each other, and unites diverse groups on the basis of their progressive social justice and cultural equity work.

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