Compton Foundation


255 Shoreline Drive, Suite 540
Redwood City, CA94065
Organization Type: 
Public or Private Sector: 
Type of Funding Agency: 
Family Foundation
Type of Support: 
General Grantmaking
Individual Artists
Arts Organizations
Community and Social Justice Organizations
Restrictions on Grantmaking: 
Geographic by region; nonprofit organizations only. Funding restrictions include: must relate to climate, fresh water or rural sustainability.
Programs and Services: 

In a world that is increasingly interrelated, the Compton Foundation seeks to foster human and ecological security by addressing contemporary threats to these inalienable rights. Compton supports responsible stewardship that respects the rights of future generations to a balanced and healthy ecology, both personal and global, allowing for the full richness of human experience. The Foundation focuses most of its grantmaking in the areas of Peace and Security, Environment and Sustainability, and Population and Reproductive Health, with a special emphasis on projects that explore the interconnections between these categories.