Hip Hop Theater Festival


442-D Lorimer Street, #195
Brooklyn, NY11206
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Arts Organization
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The Hip-Hop Theater Festival (HHTF) showcases the stories, people, music, dance, and word of Hip-Hop live and on stage. Using the elements of Hip-Hop culture (including MCing, DJing, Hip-Hop dance, graffiti and Spoken Word), Hip-Hop Theater tells urgent stories seldom represented on stage, and through language that embraces Hip-Hop's multi-literate and poly-lingual variety. HHTF's mission is to present live, professionally executed theater written by, and about the Hip-Hop generation; ignite dialogue and social change through performance arts; and invigorate the theater in general by nurturing the creation of innovative work within the Hip-Hop aesthetic. HHTF engages young people with this work through arts and education programs. HHTF is internationally known as one of the most influential outlets showcasing Hip-Hop performing arts. Since its inception, HHTF has presented hundreds of artists including: Danny Hoch, Aya de Leon, Baba Israel, Kristina Wong, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Liza Colon Zayas, Chad Boseman, Ase Dance Theater Collective, The Suicide Kings, Rha Goddess, Kris Diaz, Ben Snyder, Holly Bass, Jerry Quickley, Sarah Jones, Will Power, Alan Ket, Enrique PART ONE Torres, Jennifer Armas, Olive Dance Theatre, Ishle Park, The Beatnuts, The Roots, Common, Kanye West, Rubberbandance Company, Kelly Zen-Yi Tsai, Rennie Harris Puremovement, Nilaja Sun, Frank Ejara, Eisa Davis, Niels Storm, Rabitsky, Psalmayen 24, Universes, J. Kyle Manzay, and many others.