Imagination Theater


4001 North Ravenswood Avenue Unit 503-C
Chicago, IL60613
United States
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Arts Organization
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In it's 50th year, Imagination Theater's participatory learning experiences educate learners of all ages about social issues. In our performances spectators become "spect-actors," maximizing participation throughout the performance to affect the outcome of the scenes and demonstrate the impact their decisions have on themselves, their schools, and their communities.

We address relevant social issues like teasing, bullying (including cyber-bullying), healthy lifestyles, environmental responsibility, sexual health, and Erin's Law. Imagination Theater's Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program has had a strong impact in Chicago Public Schools. Each year Imagination Theater provides a select number of free Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs to community schools that would not have been able to afford the education otherwise. With our professional partners, Rape Victims Advocates, Imagination Theater is able to teach children about the rights that they have regarding their bodies, and who to go to if those rights are violated.

In addition to performances, our actor-educators are also available for post-show classroom visits to further explore and review the skills taught in our performances, long-term residencies, school staff trainings, college orientations, and corporate retreats..