Minneapolis, MN55401
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Arts Organization
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OverExposure is a media arts organization that creates partnerships between photographers, artists, students, academic learning institutions, and tax exempt nonprofits on theme-specific media projects. We are the first Twin Cities media arts organization whose primary mission is to use photography to build community. Our partnerships provide media services to tax exempt nonprofits whose budget precludes media services and professional credentials to photographers and artists who provide the services. OverExposure supports photography that examines racial, ethnic, religious, and economic differences and is used to affect positive social change. Each OverExposure project includes public art exhibitions and community forums based on the theme of the project. By presenting the public with photographs that explore common interests and differences our projects enlighten, educate, and engage the public in pressing social issues. OverExposure projects interface art, research, teaching, social service, and community as a means to shape public perception and impact public policy. Through classes, community initiatives, and individualized projects, OverExposure brings divergent groups together in one venue. Our projects are an innovative way to build community, examine issues, and present art projects that encourage dialogue and suggest positive social change. This profile courtesy of Arts & Democracy.