Watts House Project


1726-1750 East 107th Street
Los Angeles, CA90002
Organization Type: 
Community / Non-Arts Organization
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Watts House Project (WHP) is an ongoing, artist-driven neighborhood redevelopment effort centered in East 107th Street in South Los Angeles, across from the historic Watts Towers. Inspired by the iconic Towers and the history of the neighborhood in which they exist, WHP recognizes the fundamental role that art and architecture can play in economic and community development. The effort engages local residents, artists, and architects, who work in collaboration to re-imagine the neighborhood through art-based housing renovations and community activism. WHP does not dictate a vision for the Watts Towers neighborhood, but sees itself as an open conversation among creative professionals, families, and local stakeholders. It seeks to act as a facilitator by connecting disparate groups to work toward a common purpose, and strives to become a model for innovative neighborhood associations both regionally and nationally.