LaShawnda Crowe Storm

Artist Statement: 

If life were a photo, then my artwork would be its negative, seeking to explore those aspects in our society that have been ignored or forgotten such as history, lynching, misogyny, slavery and suicide.

By printing these forgotten negatives, I give voice to the marginalized people and disregarded aspects of our society.

For me art is my form of social work and I use it to open doorways to community dialog, which is the first step to healing, which in itself leads to wider social change.

Although I draw inspiration from traditional African spiritual practices, folklore, current and historical events, my work is ultimately about community, healing and memory. 

In my creative process, I allow the exploration of the topic to influence the materials used for a project.

Each medium has its own history, voice, beauty, strengths and limitations.  By exploring an issue in various materials - textiles, bronze, clay, etc. - I add new dimensions to an ever evolving and expanding dialog.

Art has the power to effect change by provoking thought in society.  Not through the spectacular and grandiose, but by one idea, one project, one building block at a time.  By printing the forgotten and hidden negatives of our past and present, my artwork challenges viewers to see their world with new eyes. Art serves this purpose and I will continue to make my work a testament of its power.