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Artists First
Saint Louis, MO
Artists First fosters growth in individuals through creative self-expression. Artists First’s programs promote arts, inclusion, education and wellbeing for adults with disabilities, youth with and without disabilities, and Veterans. Individuals are offered a platform to grow through creative self-expression socially, intellectually and emotionally. The Adult Open Studio provides individuals with and without disabilities with a studio stocked with professional supplies and technical facilitation by professional artists.
Artists Project Earth
Banbury, AK
Artists Project Earth (APE) aims to create a better world by bringing the power of music and the arts to the 21st century. It supports effective projects and awareness raising initiatives to combat climate change and raise funds for natural disaster relief. APE has funded over 200 projects worldwide and provides research resources for organizations through its web site. This profile courtesy of Air Traffic Control.
Silver Spring, MD
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Youth of Nations: ArtMOVES is a program designed to bring Youth of Nations’ Arts' Projects to you! Whether you are an individual seeking private instruction or a group, such as a private institution (child or adult daycare or residential facility), a public or private school (grades K-12), a club or recreational group, or an organization serving exceptional needs or at-risk groups, we can present a tailored program of cultural enrichment through any and all art mediums.
ArtPlace America
ArtPlace America (ArtPlace) advances creative placemaking across the country, the practice of making arts and cultural projects central in place-based strategies to transform communities. To date, ArtPlace America has awarded 134 grants to 124 organizations in more than 79 communities across the U.S. for a total of $42.1 million. ArtPlace is a collaboration of thirteen national and regional foundations and six of the nation’s largest banks.
ArtRage Gallery
Syracuse, NY
ArtRage features five exhibitions each season (September-July) on social justice issues. We exhibit local, national and international artists and always include local artists and artists of color in each season. We exhibit women artists as often as or more often than we exhibit men. Exhibition-related community programs such as artist talks, educational presentations, film screenings, poetry readings and theatrical performances accompany each exhibition.
Arts & Democracy Project
Detroit, MI
The Arts & Democracy Project builds the momentum of a movement that links arts and culture, participatory democracy, and social justice. The Project works to increase civic engagement among people who have been traditionally disenfranchised and to build closer ties between arts and culture and sustained and strategic activism.
Arts & Science Council of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Inc.
Charlotte, NC
The Arts and Science Council Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Inc. aims to build appreciation, participation and support for the arts, sciences, history and heritage throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc
Long Beach, CA
Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc. is a creative arts program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide opportunities in the creative arts to foster independence, expression & community participation. Through our curriculum, adults with disbilities engage in the creative process to reach social and developmental goals while they cultivate and explore their artistic character. Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc. offers courses in fine art, music, drama, dance & music therapy throughout the LA Bay area.
Arts & Social Change Network
Seattle, WA
Arts & Social Change is a network of arts administrators, artists, social service professionals, government representatives, and social justice leaders from around the Pacific Northwest. We address the role that diverse arts play in creating awareness, inspiring understanding and developing policies to address cultural equity and social change.    
Arts & Social Change Symposium
The Arts & Social Change Symposium is an interagency effort presenting ethnic artists. With additional membership and funding, the steering committee saw an opportunity to plan a symposium that would gather folks who engage with or are from arts and/or social change communities from the Pacific Northwest region to explore what it means to be transformative change agents via the arts.
Arts and Culture Alliance
Knoxville, TN
The Arts and Culture Alliance serves as a designated agency of the Tennessee Arts Commission to administer Student Ticket Subsidy (STS) and Arts Build Communities (ABC) grants in East Tennessee. The STS program was created to provide ticket cost and transportation for students to attend approved arts and cultural events regardless of economic or social status. The ABC grant is administered on a per capita basis and funds are sub-granted for arts project support to non-profit organizations through an open competitive grant process.
Arts and Healing Network
Stinson Beach, CA
The Arts and Healing Network is an online resource for people interested in the healing potential of art. The site includes an extensive Projects database of creative social change projects and organizations categorized by the themes of Building Community, Education, Environment, and Health Care. Projects profiled range from creative projects in hospitals to artists raising awareness about environmental issues to projects that strengthen and revitalize a sense of connectedness between people. Inspiration provides resources to learn more about the field of art and healing.
Arts Council of Fairfax County, Inc.
Annandale, VA
The Arts Council of Fairfax County offers grant programs for arts organizations and for individual artists. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has established a community funding pool for arts and cultural organizations serving citizens of Fairfax County through a grant to the Arts Council of Fairfax County.
Arts Council of Indianapolis, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
The Arts Council of Indianapolis exists to advance and promote the arts through funding, advocacy, business, artistic and technical assistance, public and private support, and technology.
Arts Council of Kern
Bakersfield, CA
The Arts Council of Kern--in partnership with the California Arts Council, the County of Kern, and local agencies--provides, supports, and promotes arts access, advocacy, and education for all residents and visitors of Kern County.
Arts Council of Placer County DBA PlacerArts
Auburn, CA
PlacerArts is the Arts Council of Placer County a nonprofit, public benefit catalyst for the arts and humanities and the State Local Partner of the California Arts Council for the County of Placer.
Arts Council Silicon Valley
San Jose, CA
Arts Council Silicon Valley is dedicated to creating and fostering a dynamic local arts environment by providing funding, advocacy and support services to the region's arts organizations and aritsts. The Arts Council envisions a vibrant Silicon Valley where the arts inspire innovative spirit, celebrate rich cultural diversity and encourage individual and community involvement.
Arts Engine
New York, NY
Arts Engine, Inc. supports, produces, and distributes independent media of consequence and promotes the use of independent media by advocates, educators, and the general public. Advocates, educators and the public have limited access to media that illustrates a variety of points of view. In order to support the presence of diverse perspectives in our society, Arts Engine is dedicated to forging vital links between media makers and the public, and to realizing independent media’s potential for broad social impact.
Arts for Global Development, Inc. (Art4Development.Net)
Unknown, AK
Arts for Global Development, Inc.. is an international, educational, volunteer-based initiative with a purpose of furthering interdisciplinary, multisectoral, cross-cultural, and creative approaches to social change. It facilitates the creative sector and stakeholders in development to empower socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and communities worldwide, particularly children, youth, and women.