The know-how to foster meaningful civic engagement through the arts is a critical skill set — as important as fundraising, planning, and marketing!


Animating Democracy’s Arts & Civic Engagement workshops offer insight and practical approaches to civic engagement for artists and cultural organizations.  Funders, local and state arts agencies, and civic organizations can play a strategic role to meet these learning goals by providing practical training that brings together constituents to share experience and knowledge from their work engaging communities.


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Animating Democracy offers lively and interactive one-day and two-day professional development workshops, keynote presentations, and sessions at conferences and within other training programs that:  

  • Inspire, introduce, and make the case for the many exciting ways the arts can promote civic participation and community engagement;
  • Share principles and effective practices of arts-based civic engagement and dialogue;
  • Provide tools and frameworks for turning ideas into engaging programs; and
  • Build civic engagement skills.

Animating Democracy works closely with host organizations to tailor programs and meet sponsor and participant needs.

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For more details, check out:

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