Crosstown: a Santa Fe Bus Opera

Location:  Santa Fe, NM
Project Description: 

Littleglobe, in collaboration with Santa Fe residents who live along city bus routes, is creating a community-based opera/performance that will premiere on active city bus lines. “Crosstown: A Santa Fe Bus Opera,” explores the real & imagined stories, histories, realities & dreams of those who live along & use city bus routes. Performed in the intimate context of city buses, “Crosstown” will include live vocalists & musicians, spoken word/poetry, video, street performers, & movement. The full opera will span one cross-town bus route which takes riders to diverse parts of the city introducing them to interwoven stories that unfold over the course of the performance. The libretto is being created from interviews with bus drivers, riders & people who live along the routes, & performers will be dressed both as bus riders & fantastical “characters.” The audience will be able to experience the opera in segments or one continuous piece made of small chapters. After the performance, audience members will be directed to a location where they can share food & facilitated dialogue about the performance. Project Director: Valerie Martinez

Populations Engaged: 
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