Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Project Description: 

Based on themes of migration and displacement, Expulsion explored the temporary and often fragile nature of the concept of “home.” Conceived by Heidi Duckler and Merridawn Duckler, the cross-disciplinary performance incorporated a set designed by architect Alex Ward and original music composed and performed by Daniel Rosenboom and Alex Noice. The production, a contemporary retelling of the ancient story of Cain and Abel, drew from the stories of local community members. Expulsion was performed by four men from the Collage Dance Theatre as the first installment of the A LOT series, sponsored by the Arts Council of Long Beach. The series brings temporary visual and performance-based artwork to vacant lots in targeted areas of the city. Each project is accompanied by an open-air symposium related to urban planning, civic engagement, and art. Heidi Duckler hosted the symposium that followed Expulsion, engaging the audience in discussion about the meaning and qualities of the concept of “home”. A number of community arts residents were present, including the artistic director of Watts Village Theatre Company, the director of public art at the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and the executive director of the Arts Council for Long Beach. This project recently received funding from the James Irvine Foundation to tour in vacant lots in neighborhoods throughout Southern California including Koreatown, Glendale and the city of Lennox. Organizations and artists associated witht this project include: Heidi Duckler; Merridawn Duckler; Alex Ward; Daniel Rosenboom; Alex Noice; Collage Dance Theatre; and the Arts Council for Long Beach.