The Forum Project's Performance Troupe

Location:  New York, NY
United States
Project Description: 

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Our Peformance Troupe has been working hard and is ready to take the stage! This performance will showcase several of the Performance Troupe’s scenes that engage audiences in critical dialogue about important social issues. Come ready to be entertained and challenged!

Working Titles: A Forum Theatre Performance
Monday, November 5 at 8:00 PM in New York, NY
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ABOUT: The Forum Project’s Performance Troupe uses Theatre of the Oppressed’s Forum Theatre to engage communities in dialogue around a myriad of important social topics, including bullying, race, sexual harassment, body image, sexual orientation and more.

Forum Theatre is a performance where audience members take the stage to change the action of the play and to try to address the issues of oppression presented. Performances erupt into dialogue as audience members build their understanding around an issue through critical reflection and by taking action on stage. The resulting performance is dynamic, fast-paced, educational, inspiring and a lot of fun!