Military Veterans Writing Workshop

Location:  Los Angeles, CA
United States
Project Description: 

The Writers Guild Foundation (WGF) holds an annual retreat for veterans and active duty service members, known as the Military Veterans Writing Workshop. WGF provides an outlet for those returning from war who might be having difficulties transitioning back to the civilian community. WGF’s writing workshop allows service members to work through troubling experiences and mine their creative talent by strengthening their writing ability with guidance from professional screen, television, and novel writers. The retreats host 50 to 60 service member writers and 25 to 30 mentor writers.

All military veterans and active duty service members are welcome; the workshop typically hosts representatives of all ages from every branch of the armed forces. Other than veteran status, the primary criterion we look for is a sincere passion for writing, although some preference is given to those who have had less access to writing guidance.