MPR Sound Point

Location:  Minneapolis, MN
Project Description: 

In collaboration with Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), the City of Minneapolis presents the MPR Sound Point project, an audio cell phone tour featuring recently completed public artworks
and interviews with the artists who created them. The tour highlights a range of artworks, including an artist-designed baseball backstop, a blooming bus shelter and a memorial to the 35W bridge collapse.

Participants can refer to a map that facilitates a self-guided tour of 13 different works across the city. Signs posted at each artwork location will direct viewers to call or text a phone number or scan a QR code with their smart phone and listen to the artist describe the artwork in detail. Viewers will also have the opportunity to leave a text or verbal message describing their own impressions of the work or share a story about their neighborhood with journalists via MPR’s community-powered Public Insight Network.

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