Square Inches of Love

Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Project Description: 

A project everyone is invited to get involved with! OPeX studios, a child-centric architectural design company in Los Angeles, has initiated an innovative public exhibition project entitled Square Inches of Love, to weave the digital and physical worlds through the mediums of architecture and design into a demonstration of the effect the digital revolution and increased virtual world interactions are having on the very concept of “space” and its use. It is a thought-provoking and engaging project that optimistically explores the power of collective creativity along with virtual efforts to render great outcomes towards a socially sustainable future. During the online phase, currently underway, the project is open to the participation of any individual, business, or organization who wishes to contribute. At the project’s website, electronic submissions of images, logos, artwork, photos, ads, and short messages can be shared from around the world. The submissions are displayed on the SquareInchesOfLove.com website and can be linked to participants’ websites. The submissions also fill up a virtual exhibition space online representing one million square inches. When space is full, OPeX studios will undertake transforming the submissions into a full-size custom-printed fabric base, fabricating 3D structural elements to guide spatial exploration of the exhibit, and taking the physical installation on tour across the U.S. The cost of exhibition space is $1 per square inch and there is no minimum requirement. OPeX studios will be donating 50% of all exhibition space proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Learn more, see current submissions, & personalize space of your own at the project's website!