High Points from the Los Angeles Evaluators Circle

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January 2016
Pam Korza, Barbara Schaffer Bacon
Animating Democracy
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Animating Democracy resource

Animating Democracy held its second Evaluators Circle (E-Circle) at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, inviting Los Angeles-based cultural leaders, researchers, and evaluators to share evaluation projects, findings and learning.  It was a rich and hearty exchange.  With support from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and help in organizing from Kamella Tate, independent evaluator and former director of research and evaluation at The Music Center of Los Angeles County, our L.A. Evaluators Circle offered an opportunity to explore ways that data analysis and evaluation are informing decision making with an emphasis on cultural equity as a social justice goal.



Wendy Hsu, researcher, strategist, and educator, ethnographer; recent ACLS public fellow with the City of Los Angeles Dept. of Cultural Affairs
Sofia Klatzker, executive director, Arts for LA
Susannah Laramee Kidd, research analyst and ACLS public fellow, Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Bronwyn Mauldin, director of research & evaluation, Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Angie Kim, executive director, Center for Cultural Innovation
Kamella Tate, KTA/LLC 
Patti Topete, director of programs, Levitt Pavilions
Matty Wilder, senior program officer, Herb Alpert Foundation
Sharon Yazowski, executive director, Levitt Pavilions
Courtney Malloy, director of research, Vital Research
Barbara Schaffer Bacon, co-director, Animating Democracy/Americans for the Arts
Pam Korza, co-director, Animating Democracy/Americans for the Arts
Randy Cohen, vice president of research and policy, Americans for the Arts

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