Philadelphia, PA19104
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Arts Organization
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ArtWell awakens dreams and inspires growth in young people and their communities by nurturing creativity. ArtWell engages young people in self-reflection and creative expression to discover and honor their strengths and those of others.

By fostering creativity, enhancing communication and literacy skills, ArtWell helps individuals from diverse cultures and faith traditions to deepen their understandings of themselves and their community and to ultimately reduce violence and increase peace within the city and region.

ArtWell’s programs’ curricula combine creative and reflective components. This combination of arts and reflection is also what distinguishes its work from other community arts organizations.

ArtWell has worked with more than 125 public and private schools, congregations, and organizations, helping over 20,500 people create lasting solutions for personal achievement and social change in their communities. 80% of its program participants are residents of low-income neighborhoods in the greater Philadelphia area.