LANDSCAPE - Working Guide

A Working Guide to the Landscape of Arts for Change offers civic leaders, community organizers, partners, and funders, as well as arts practitioners a variety of resources including writings, graphic aids, and terms that help portray and clarify the universe of arts for change activity.

Working Guide Trend Papers on Arts for Change


Working Guide Trend Papers is a growing collection of new and extant writings by field practitioners, leaders, and journalists characterizing arts for change work in particular segments of the arts and social justice fields where there is considerable or emerging work going on, where activity has been sustained over time, and/or where impact is observable. To view Trend Papers by topic, click here.



Typologies created from Working Guide Papers, field conversations, and other sources help to name, describe, and distinguish different streams of arts for change activity and practice.



Common terms and definitions related to arts for change work coalesced from Working Guide Papers and other sources.