Deep Space Arts


411 New York Ave NE
Washington, DC20002
United States
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Arts Organization
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DEEP SPACE Arts is a peer-operated organization. We aim to present quality contemporary arts and interdisciplinary programming to facilitate and support the creative process as a portal into the collaboration of arts and multimedia.


DEEP SPACE Arts has been formed to provide all-inclusive interdisciplinary collaborative resources for autonomous creative programming. Innovative artists and curators whose efforts are thoughtful, intellectual and challenging use the network to present a broad range of contemporary art forms. Programs and facilities are operated by knowledgeable people from all fields of study, with a common interest in the arts. We have been formed to assist the collaboration of the arts. By design we examine the impact of the creative process on society and to explore how and why people are changed through their arts experiences. We will present, investigate and explore the arts and the art of all fields of study through performances, exhibitions, and other cultural events. Through our creative processes, we take on various topics that are socio-economic, cultural, and ecological in nature while collaborating with individuals with backgrounds in their respective fields.


We are developing an evolving coalition of innovative artists from an array of backgrounds, providing greater connectivity for artists as well as increasing opportunities for collaboration with others in other fields that may not be categorized as art. In this capacity, we have developed a multi-purpose direction to examine and present the arts from within their individual culturally specific contexts while providing a forum in which, the public can explore, learn and engage in new ideas. As a virtual, global, satellite hybrid, the impact will cause social, cultural, philosophical and political transformation. Services: - graphic design - creative consulting - venue hosting original prints, paintings, photographs, books, clothing, electronics, etc.