Sojourn Theatre


PO Box 83526
Portland, OR97283
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Arts Organization
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Sojourn Theatre is a multi-ethnic, ensemble-based company making new performance in Portland, Oregon and around the nation. With commitments to both adventurous theatricality and community engagement, Sojourn creates unique, often site-specific investigations that ask questions exploring social and political issues in sophisticated, thoughtful ways, and honoring complexity and multiple perspectives. Through event, story, and metaphor, audiences find connections amid differences, and commonalities in their communities’ disparate narratives. National touring, a body of 22 major works, and a growing international reputation for cutting-edge, high-quality arts and civic dialogue innovation allows the company to explore a variety of projects which bring its team of designers, performers, and logistical wizards together on the road and at home. Sojourn’s commitment to community development exists alongside an equally strong commitment to vital and ever-evolving artistry. Sojourn matches the fierce standards, risk-taking, and exploration that drives its artmaking with strong and innovative community engagement strategies. Artistry and civic engagement draw on the expertise of Artistic Director Michael Rohd whose book, Theatre for Community, Conflict, and Dialogue, is used internationally by practitioners and scholars.