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Whitesburg, KY
Appalshop is a non-profit multi-disciplinary arts and education center in the heart of Appalachia. It seeks to enlist the power of education, media, theater, music, and other arts to tell stories the commercial cultural industries don’t tell, challenging stereotypes about Appalachia by documenting, disseminating, and revitalizing the lasting traditions and contemporary creativity of the area. Appalshop’s education and training programs support the efforts of Appalachian communities to solve their own problems in a just and equitable way.
Appalshop Radio Station
Whitesburg, KY
WMMT’s mission is to be a 24 hour voice of mountain people’s music, culture, and social issues, to provide broadcast space for creative expression and community involvement in making radio, and to be an active participant in discussion of public policy that will benefit coalfield communities and the Appalachian region as a whole.
Applying Ethnography in Support of Social Justice Activism
Baltimore, MD
I am working with a variety of social justice activist organizations to apply ethnography - the writing of culture - as storytelling. I both write for them and train them to write for themselves as empowerment and as a means of demonstrating their effectiveness more clearly to a general audience, their funders, and the people they serve. I work in partnership, always, seeking to be helpful, and at the end of the day, I hope to become obsolete.
Aquí Estoy
Chicago, IL
Named one of the best shows of 2007 by the Chicago Sun-Times, Aquí Estoy (Spanish for "I am here") was based on months of interviews conducted by Albany Park Theater Project youth ensemble members about the lives of undocumented immigrants in Chicago. Aquí Estoy was composed of two provocative theater pieces: "Amor de Lejos" chronicled the tough lives of day laborers who immigrated from Central America and Mexico; "Nine Digits" told the moving story of a Chicago teen who had been an undocumented immigrant since his parents brought him to the United States from Colombia at the age of six.
Arab American National Museum
Dearborn, MI
The Arab American National Museum is the first museum in the world devoted to Arab-American history and culture. Arab Americans have enriched the economic, political and cultural landscape of American life. By bringing the voices and faces of Arab Americans to mainstream audiences, we continue our commitment to dispel misconceptions about Arab Americans and other minorities. The Museum brings to light the shared experiences of immigrants and ethnic groups, paying tribute to the diversity of our nation.
Arizona Commission on the Arts
Phoenix, AZ
The Arizona Commission on the Arts supports the development and retention of statewide jobs in the arts, culture and education sectors; access to quality, vital arts and arts education opportunities for all Arizona citizens; increased economic impact in local communities through partnerships that develop tax and business revenue. The Commission's mission is to ensure that Arizona is a place where people broaden, deepen and diversify their engagement with the arts, as creators, audiences and supporters in ways that are satisfying and integral to the community.
Arkansas Art Council
Little Rock, AR
The Arkansas Arts Council's mission is to empower the arts for the benefit of all Arkansans.
Arms Around America
Los Angeles, CA
Arms Around America is a community-based performance project. It culminates in a season of podcast episodes and an evening of three short plays based on the oral histories of families around the country whose lives have been shaped by guns. The goal is to foster dialogue among diverse community members about the role of guns in American society. Community partnerships form the foundation of our work. Partners include arts presenters committed to the development of the work and community organizations whose missions touch on gun-related issues.
Around the Corner
Minneapolis, MN
“Around the Corner” puts the contributions of immigrants and refugees on display for people to learn about new Americans. In 2003 nine Metropolitan State University photography students partnered with Urban Coalition 2003 to document the lives and contributions of immigrants and refugees in the Twin Cities. Students worked with civic leaders and community-based businesses and organizations that represent the economic, cultural, and civic changes that have been affected by immigrants and refugees.
Art & Creativity for Healing
Laguna Niguel, CA
Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc. was formally incorporated as a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency in November of 2000. Located in Laguna Niguel, California, this innovative organization offers unique classes and workshops that help children, teens and adults suffering from abuse, illness, grief or stress process their feelings using the venue of painting on canvas. It is only through the generosity of foundations, corporate and private donors that Art & Creativity for Healing continues to grow and flourish in its service to the community.
Art & Soul
Starksboro, VT
The Art & Soul project used the arts as a catalyst for collaborative, creative explorations of the values, hopes, and fears of the Starksboro, Vermont community. The project employed art and storytelling as a means to foster and protect a local culture, and to actively engage community members in respectful civic dialogue to help plan for their common future. Through the project, the town of Starksboro began a process of identifying and protecting the people, places, and traditions that its citizens treasure. The Art & Soul project had three primary components.
Art Aia - Creatives / In / Residence
Art Aia - Creatives / In / Residence is an international art residency located near the Comune of Sesto al Reghena in the north-eastern Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It's a place for artistic production and research that combines art, environmental sustainability, and Eco-therapy practices. It focuses on the development of the creative process, facilitating cultural exchange across borders.
Art and Social Practice Program at Portand State University
Portland, OR
PSU’s Art and Social Practice MFA is composed of a unique combination of individual research, group work, and experiential learning. The program’s blend of critical and professional practice, collaborative social engagement, and transdisciplinary exploration produces an immersive educational environment. Based in Portland, Oregon, the program operates out of Field Work, a downtown storefront classroom and event space. The program’s Flexible Residency model allows for travel and even the ability for students to reside outside of Portland during their course of study.
Art Antidote
Baltimore , MD
Aids underserved youth in recovery from psychological trauma through art therapy and healing public art installations. Mental illness carries a stigma, especially in minority communities, many suffer in silent shame internalizing their emotions leading to severe depression and suicide. Art stimulates the brain, creating a chemical response of dopamine production, beneficial for those battling depression. Early identification, evaluation and treatment are essential to recovery and resiliency.
Art at Work: An Arts & Equity Initiative
Portland, ME
Art at Work, founded by Marty Pottenger in 2007, is a national initiative piloted in Portland, Maine, designed to improve municipal government through strategic art-making projects with city employees and elected officials. Since 2007, the project has fostered collaborative efforts between artists, city departments, unions, and elected officials that have yielded posters, photographs, prints, and poems crafted by city workers. Art at Work is grounded in the belief that art serves as a way for government workers to share their experiences with the broader community.
Art for Amnesty
London, AK
Art for Amnesty brings together international artists of all disciplines, their patrons, management, and friends in a collaborative effort to support Amnesty International’s work for human rights. Art for Amnesty achieves this mission by coordinating major fundraising initiatives that benefit both the artist and Amnesty International.
Art for Change
New York, NY
Art for Change (AfC) is a 501(c)3 organization that encourages the advancement of progressive social change by using art as a catalyst for disseminating information to people. AfC provides space to discuss and explore that information, stimulating individual and collective reflection, which leads to action and change.
Art Heals VIolence Vacant Lot Program
Support for 5902 Clemons Vacant Lot Redesign and Activation
Art in the Public Interest
Saxapahaw, NC
Art in the Public Interest (API) is a nonprofit organization that supports the belief that the arts are an integral part of a healthy culture, and that community-based arts provide significant value both to communities and artists.